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Principle 22 - Infrastructure - Emerging technologies

Penn must devote appropriate, coordinated effort to evaluating and piloting emerging technologies.


These efforts create a base of knowledge and experience that allows Penn to respond to changing business requirements and take advantage of technological possibilities that will increase effectiveness in the long term. These efforts assist in keeping standards up-to-date.


  • Careful coordination of these activities will help leverage limited resources for technology tracking and experimentation. Penn needs to identify who will do this coordination, and whether there need to be restrictions on where emerging technology is evaluated and piloted around the University.
  • Strategies must be developed to incorporate "emerging" technologies into "standard" technologies when appropriate. These decisions should be based on the same criteria as other information technology acquisition, namely business requirements, cost-effectiveness and consistency with standards and models.
  • Penn needs a funding mechanism to deal with the risk inherent in trying new technology.

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