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Principle 26 - Schools and administrative centers.

Schools and administrative centers are responsible for creating data and using information technology to meet the objectives of their organizations.


This fosters a flexible, creative atmosphere that accommodates specialized needs and locates services close to users.


  • Schools and departments provide most research and instructional computing facilities and services.
  • Schools and administrative centers fund, manage, and operate portions of Penn's administrative processes and may develop specialized business applications, supplement generic applications, or collect additional data that serves their unique needs.
  • Each organizational unit that creates or modifies University administrative data has operational responsibility for data accuracy, validity, completeness, and consistency. Each individual that creates or modifies data has personal responsibility for data accuracy, validity, completeness, and consistency.
  • Schools and administrative centers must participate in the consultative process with ISC and each other that makes their data and information technology needs known. They must participate in the development of standards and policies and abide by them.
  • Schools and administrative centers provide support services, including support for management decision-making, that are unique to the organization, more cost-effective when performed locally, or that require local knowledge and insight.

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