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Web Intelligence at Penn > How To ...

This page is a work in progress. New 'How To's' will be added on a regular basis. Remember that you can always click on the 'Help' button in BI launch pad to access exhaustive (if complicated!) search-able explanations of everything.

BI launch pad // Building a Query?

BI launch pad

  • How to Navigate the READING Mode for Simple Exploring and Analyzing of Reports (PDF)
  • How to Navigate the DESIGN Mode for Creating and Modifying Reports (PDF)
  • How to Navigate the Query Panel (PDF)
  • How to Navigate Between Editing a Query and Editing a Report (PDF)
  • How to Work with Multiple Documents / Reports Open (PDF)
  • How to Copy a Repository/Corporate Report (PDF)
  • How to Share a Copy of a Document / Report (PDF)
  • How to Save Documents / Reports as Excel, CSV, or PDF (PDF)
  • How to Create a New Document / Report (PDF)
  • How to Find Basic Report Formatting Tools (PDF)
  • How to Add a Report Filter (PDF)
  • How to Add a Query Filter (PDF)
  • How to Create a Document Using Freehand SQL (PDF)

Building a Query?

Unsure where to start? See how to build a query from a simple business question in a short flash presentation. Print the content from each attached PDF if you prefer hard copy. (The screen shots here will look slightly different than the current version of BI4.x but the concepts are still the same.)
  • General Ledger Questions
    • How can I review our entertainment costs for last year? (Try this!)
    • I need to run monthly reports on how we are doing with current expenses. Are we within budget or not? (Try this!)
    • What ProCard transactions have been posted this month and the previous 2 months from my ORG and to what accounts have they been posted? (Try this!)
    • How many funds in our school are currently frozen and what are the current encumbrances on those funds? (Try this!)
    • How do our mail costs this year compare to last year? (Try this!)
  • Salary Management Questions
    • How can I check my employees to make sure their employment status is correct and that their distributions are active? (Try this!)
    • How can I check to see how people have been paid so far this year? (Try this!)
    • How can I check to make sure that my employees' jobs and distributions are set up correctly? (Try this!)
    • What is the academic base salary for my faculty and what percentage of them were also paid administrative stipends? (Try this!)
    • What are the outstanding salary encumbrances for the grants that I manage? (Try this!)
  • Research (PennERA Proposals)
    • Which proposals submitted over a year ago are still awaiting a final decision from the sponsor? (Try this!)
    • To what accounts can costs for my projects be charged? (Try this!)
    • Which of my awarded projects involve cost sharing? (Try this!)
    • What is the status of the regulatory approvals for my outstanding proposals? (Try this!)
    • What is the expected funding from the NIH for Dr. "Marie Curie" this fiscal year? (Try this!)

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