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Report to the Data Policy Committee
on Data Access Strategy

February 21, 1994

Prepared By:

Dan Shapiro, Bill McManus, Gary Truhlar, Tessa Bocage, Jeanne Curtis


This document contains the report to the Data Policy Committee on a data access strategy. The strategy was prepared a a result of the charge to the working group of the Data Policy Committee.

The goal of the data access strategy is to create a query environment which utilizes a common base of data based upon the University's Enterprise Data Model. This environment will support easy access to data by non-technical users via desktop tools, a relational database, and a repository for metadata (documentation about data). The group suggests the name Decision Support Environment (DSE). A review of the long term implementation strategy and associated figure are included in the appendix.

The DSE can provide the University with the opportunity to make data accessible from legacy systems, bridging the gap until the new system and data are in place. The DSE is a critical component of Project Cornerstone. This document provides a list of benefits that the DSE could provide to solve some of the problems in accessing data identified to date.

The working group feels very strongly that in light of the current financial constraints and management information needs the implementation of the DSE cannot wait. As such, a pilot implementation is defined in this document. We have prosed to include student, course, grant, sponsor, and faculty data in the database to be used by non-technical school and department personnel to satisfy their need for information. In addition, the pilot will provide apprpopriate desktop tools, and a repository for access to data documentation.

Report to the Data Policy Committee on the Data Access Strategy


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