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Pennant Accounts Refresh Schedule

The tables in the Pennant Accounts Data Collection that contain data from the Pennant (Banner) transactional system are refreshed nightly, Monday through Friday nights.

The tables in the Student Data Collection that the Pennant Accounts universe references are refreshed from the Student Records System (SRS) nightly, seven days a week.

Source of the Data
The sources of the data in the Pennant Accounts Data Collection are the Pennant Accounts transactional system (in Banner), which includes data coming from external systems into Pennant Accounts, such SRS, Housing, Dining, etc. An introduction and high level overview of Pennant Accounts can be found in the Next Generation Student Systems project.

Time Span Covered
Pennant Accounts contains student billing formation starting in Fall of 2015: In mid-October 2015, the NGSS team converted Student Account Receivable (AR) records for all current and returning students and students on leave for less than two years. Specifically, this included students who had any billing activity for the Fall of 2015 or for any term within the two prior years, as well as students with AR holds (financial, graduation and/or collection receivable holds).  The conversion population was based on AR activity, and it was possible for some students to have an open academic program in SRS but not to be initially converted to Pennant if they have no Fall 2015 billing and no billing activity for the two years prior to the cut-over. 

Following conversion, any student registration activity that results in billing for the current or any future term will get picked up automatically, and their SRS records will synchronize to Pennant Accounts. 

For returning students who were not picked up in the Fall 2015 conversion, only new billing charges and payments will be in Pennant; no historical AR transaction information will be in Pennant for this population..

For billing information prior to Fall 2015, see the BRS Data Collection.

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