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Reference table for codes that identify invoice line items in the BRIM system. These codes are also General Ledger parent object codes (roll-up groups) for objects that identify assets, liabilities, revenues, or expenses. The codes run from SB01 through SB41. There is one record per SB- code.

Common Uses

Displaying the description of the invoice line, rather than the SB_OBJ_PARENT code that appears in a related table. ("Don't show the codes in the report. Show the English instead.")

Primary Key Indexed Data Elements Related Tables

  • When decoding an SB_OBJ_PARENT, decide whether you want the 12-character SB_OBJ_PARENT_SHORT_DESC (the description that appears on BRIM's Enter Detail Invoice Screen) or the 35-character SB_OBJ_PARENT_LONG_DESC (the description that appears on the invoice created by BRIM).

  • Although the values for SB_OBJ_PARENT are the same as a subset of the General Ledger object codes, their descriptions in BRIM are maintained separately from the descriptions of the object codes in BEN Financials. The value for an SB- code's SB_OBJ_PARENT_SHORT_DESC or SB_OBJ_PARENT_LONG_DESC may not match the value for its OBJECT_DESC in the OBJECT_CODES table.

  • The BRIM_EXP_CODES table is replaced nightly. It is unlikely, but possible, that the same report run on different days could return different values for the description for a given SB- code.


The AREXDS table in BRIM, the Billing and Receivables Information Management system used by the Office of Research Services.

BRIM is used to track award payments due and received for sponsored project funds where the sponsors either send payments as they are billed for project expenses, or send payments based on a schedule. BRIM does not track sponsored project funds where payment is handled via letters of credit.

BRIM_EXP_CODES Table - Data Element Index   Tables and Data Elements   BRIM Home   Data Warehouse Home

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