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Reference table for codes that identify the outside organization that sponsors the fund.

Contains the 5-character FUND_SPONSOR_CODE, the 150-character FUND_SPONSOR_DESC, and the 50-character FUND_SPONSOR_TYPE. For example, FUND_SPONSOR_CODE ‘62776’ has the description ‘SOCIETY FOR AMBULATORY ANESTHESIA’, and the type ‘UPENN Other Non-Profit Organizations’.

Common Uses

  • Displaying the name of the sponsor of the fund, rather than the FUND_SPONSOR_CODE that appears in a related table. ("Don't show the codes in the report. Show the English instead.")
  • Reporting by sponsor type. (“Show me all the activity for sponsors that are foundations.”)
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  • When selecting a sponsor code, be sure to select the data element that meets your needs. FUND_SPONSOR_CODE is the 5-character code currently used to identify the sponsor. (Its source is the SPIN module of PennERA, used at Penn since August 25, 2003 to track information on sponsors of projects.) LEGACY_FUND_SPONSOR_CODE is the 4-character code formerly used to identify the sponsor in the General Ledger. LEGACY_FUND_SPONSOR_CODE is currently used only by BRIM (the Billing and Receivables Information Management system used by the Office of Research Services).
  • Not all LEGACY_FUND_SPONSOR_CODE values are included in FUND_SPONSORS. In the past, a sponsor could have more than one LEGACY_FUND_SPONSOR_CODE. For example, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia had a LEGACY_FUND_SPONSOR_CODE of 4151 that was used when it was the source of the financial resources for a fund. But it also had a LEGACY_FUND_SPONSOR_CODE of 1517 that was used when it was providing financial resources for a fund when the source of those resources was the U.S. federal government. In this example, the LEGACY_FUND_SPONSOR_CODE stored in FUND_SPONSORS is 4151. For a complete list of LEGACY_FUND_SPONSOR_CODE values, with their equivalent 5-character sponsor codes, see the LEGACY_FUND_SPONSORS table
FUND_SPONORS Table - Data Element Index    Tables and Data Elements   General Ledger Home   Data Warehouse Home

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