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Academic Program Worksheet Data Training

In order to construct your own queries using the Academic Planning Worksheet data in the Data Warehouse, you will need to understand Worksheet and Requirements data, and you must complete both Student Records System (SRS) training and an online course. (Note: if you already have access to query Student data in the warehouse, then you have already done the prerequisite training.)

Prerequisite training:

SRS Training is offered by the Office of the University Registrar. You will also need to obtain an SRS account.

Warehouse Student data Training is an online tutorial within Knowledge Link. You can access the required Student data collection training via this direct link . The course title is "Using the Student Data Collection in the Data Warehouse - ISC."   This is a self-paced tutorial; you can exit and return as much as you wish. There are embedded quiz questions throughout that are there just for you to try. The final quiz at the end, however, is mandatory.

FERPA and Information Security training modules in Knowlege Link are annual training requirements.

Requirements Builder (REQBUILD) is the system that provides schools with a way to define their degree requirements. The data from this system is used in the PennInTouch Academic Planning Worksheet. REQBUILD resides on the central administrative mainframe computer, and to use it you must have a mainframe account with appropriate access/security.

The online tutorial in KnowledgeLink explains how to use the Requirements Builder. Log in to KnowledgeLink and search for "REQBUILD". The course is self-paced, contains some suggested exercises, and points to additional resources. For people who create and maintain their school's academic program requirements, the REQBUILD tutorial is mandatory; for report writers this training is optional.


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