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Access Policy

You may use only those computer accounts which have been authorized for your use. The unauthorized use of another's account, as well as the providing of false or misleading information for the purpose of obtaining access to computing facilities is prohibited.

You may not authorize anyone to use your account(s) for any reason. You are responsible for all use of your accounts. You must take all reasonable precautions, including password maintenance and file protection measures, to prevent use of your accounts by unauthorized persons.

You may not use password guessing or password sniffing programs, nor may you use any other techniques to gain unauthorized access to other user accounts or systems accounts.

You should make reasonable efforts to select and use a secure password as well as protect your password.

Maintaining the privacy of your password

  1. Don't tell anyone your password. Not even a systems administrator.
  2. Don't let anyone see your password or watch as you type it in.
  3. Don't let anyone else use your account.
  4. If for some reason you must share your password, never send it via e-mail and avoid writing it. Change your password as soon after as possible.
Having a vulnerable password is not only a danger to you and your files; it is a danger to our entire network of systems, and to some extent, a danger to the entire worldwide Internet.

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