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Service Alerts

Update - 7/22/2017, 6:00am The Zimbra email service was under a Denial of Service attack yesterday. We were able to successfully block the offending IPs and stabilized the service as of 3:30pm yesterday. We continued to monitor the service throughout the night and the service has been functioning normally.

Update - 12:30pm We continue to monitor the spike in usage of the Zimbra service and have implemented several measures to address the problem but are still investigating the root cause.

7/21/2017, 9:00am Around 2:30 this morning we started seeing alarms about the performance of the Zimbra email service. We have restarted the service on all mailboxes to ease the congestion while we continue to investigate and monitor. We'll send updates as soon as we can.

Exchange Service Alerts

Update: 11/9/2016, 4:00pm - Database access is now reinstated including for the Exchange Account Management application.

Update: 11/9/2016, 2:45pm - Access to all mailboxes should be fixed now. The database connectivity to mailboxes is once again working. Unfortunately, this database connectivity problem also affected the Exchange Account Management application and that application continues to be down. We do not expect that the application will be available again until later this evening.

Update: 11/9/2016, 2:00pm - We are still investigating the problem which is affecting a portion of our users. Some users will continue to experience problems connecting to the mailbox database as we continue our investigation. We will share updates as we can.

11/9/2016, 11:45am - A portion of our Exchange users are failing to connect to the Exchange OWA. We are aware of the problem and are running a cleanup program to restore access.

ISC Networking and Telecommunications Email Service - Administrative Responsibility

ISC Networking and Telecommunications provides email service for various departments and schools across the University.

Each department that has email accounts on the ISC Networking and Telecommunications server must have at least one administrator and not more than five administrators who can assume responsibility for managing the email accounts using local tools developed by ISC Networking and Telecommunications. Administrators should have some familiarity with supported email clients and at least a cursory understanding of University processes.

While the administrator is the first line of support for the email user and should try to resolve the user's email problem, an administrator can escalate any problem to ISC Networking and Telecommunications staff by submitting a request for assistance from the ProDesk web site.

Departments and schools can also opt for "full-service" accounts where ISC Technology Support Services will provide email administration services for an additional cost per account.

Account management responsibilities

Both our Exchange and Zimbra email services provide a web application to help with account management. Functions available through our account management tool include:
  • creating accounts
  • deleting accounts
  • reinstating accounts
  • resetting passwords
  • managing quotas
  • unlocking accounts
Links to these applications are available from the email service web site.

An administrator should also be prepared to help users in the following areas:

University processes

The following are University processes with which you may have to be familiar:


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