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ISC Networking and Telecommunications Microsoft Exchange Service

ISC Networking and Telecommunications offers a Microsoft Exchange 2010 service for schools and centers at the University that elect to purchase the service.

If your department or school is interested in acquiring this service on the ISC Networking and Telecommunications server, please ask your Local Support Provider (LSP) to contact In order to get you started, we'll need: (1) a budget code and (2) list of PennNames for users who require access to Account Management.


  • Integrated Email, Calendaring, Tasks, and Contacts using the following clients:
    • Windows: Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook Web App (full)
    • Mac OS X: Entourage 2008, Outlook 2011 for Mac, Outlook Web App (light)
    • Handhelds: Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, Palm + Exchange ActiveSync (for calendar/contacts)
    See the Feature Matrix for a full list of features supported by each client.
  • Email using any supported IMAP or POP client (see the Supported Products page for the current list of Email clients).
  • addressing, in addition to and the option of other hosted domains.
  • Virus scanning and spam filtering of all email
  • Mobile Access from supported handheld devices.
  • Unified Messaging for PennNet Phone subscribers
  • 1 GB disk quota for all, email, calendaring, tasks, and contacts items
  • Additional disk quota for a fee (see Rates page), up to 4 GB max quota
  • Please note that the size of any individual mail message that is sent or received cannot be greater than 30MB.
  • Self-service restores of deleted items using Outlook 2007/2010 and Outlook Web App "Restore Deleted Items" feature
  • File restoration (not yet available - see How do I get data restored for details) to complement self-service method
  • Account Management for Local Support Providers (LSPs) to create, modify and view accounts they manage.

Service Alerts

Exchange, Forward-Only, and Zimbra Service Alert

1/17/2015, 12:15pm Update: To fix the delivery problem we backed out to our previous mail routing configuration. Because our message sanitation vendor was doing its own scheduled maintenance a piece of our configuration that is usually dormant was exercised and proved to be problematic. All corrections have been made and the service is stable for all.

1/17/2015, 11:43am Update: We were able to contact our vendor and the backlog of mail is now flowing. We're still waiting to hear full details of the situation and will report here when we can.

1/17/2015, 10:36am Update: We seem to have a second problem in play now. All mail coming in through our message sanitation vendor is showing up to 60 minute delays in delivery. Our vendor is doing some scheduled maintenance adn that may be the cause of the current state. We are trying to contact them.

1/17/2015, 10:00am Update: We made some changes but there are still problems and they seem to be with contacting our message sanitation vendor. We are continuing our investigation.

1/17/2015, 9:00am Update: The problem with sending to the email domain seems to be an intermittent one. So while testing last night seemed successful, we are still having problems and are again working on the issue.

January 16, 2015 - 4:10pm: There have been reports of issues sending to the email domain. Please contact with any further questions

Exchange Service Alert

Jan 15, 1:05 PM Update: Exchange slowness problem has resolved. Root cause was due to hard drive failure, in combination with an unusually large amount of email that was sent from one server. Queues have cleared. Exchange database have rebalanced.

Jan 15, 12:00 PM Update: On January 14th, one of our Exchange Servers had a hard drive failure. The drive has been replaced. The Exchange database load has not been rebalanced yet and so some Exchange users are experiencing a slowness. The problem is being addressed. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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