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Adding a Counter to Your Web Page

Note: As of April 1st, 2008 personal homepages are no longer supported

If you wish to count the number of visitors to one of your pages and to display that number as a graphic image, we provide a program that you can use. Please note that this program will only count visitors who are using a graphical browser.

To count a page you would include in the page that you wish to count a line like the following:

<IMG SRC="/cgi-bin/nph-count?link=/~server-username/index.html">
where link is the path to your HTML document. Please be sure to replace ~server-username with your own server username.

If the user joeuser has a page called reservation.html that is to be counted, the line that would be included in reservation.html would be:

<IMG SRC="/cgi-bin/nph-count?link=/~joeuser/reservation.html">
Other arguments that can be applied to this counting program:
  • width=number
    Specifies the number of digits in the resulting image.
  • link=URL of the page on which the counter is located
    The link-argument is used to keep track of a certain counter. It should be unique for each counter. A good choice is the URL of the page on which the counter image is located.
  • increase=number; default 1
    Specifies the number by which the counter should be increased. This can be used to check how many times a certain page was visited without increasing the counter. In that case specify increase=0.
    Resetting a certain counter is also possible this way by specifying a negative number here.
  • show=NO
    In case you would like to keep track of the number of accesses to a certain page without showing the counter image, specify the above argument.
Any other argument used would be appended to the above IMG SRC path like:
<IMG SRC="/cgi-bin/nph-count?link=/~formuser/index.html?width=4">
For more information, please see the nph-count FAQ.

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