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Using Server Side Includes

Note: As of April 1st, 2008 personal homepages are no longer supported

Our World Wide Web server allows users to create documents which provide simple information to clients on the fly. Such information can include the current date, the file's last modification date, etc. These features of our server are called server side includes. For more information about server side includes and their usage take a look at NCSA's tutorial on server side includes.

We do not allow unlimited execution of CGI scripts and you will not be able to use the exec feature of server-side includes.

If you wanted to include the date of the last time your HTML document was modified without having to explicitly change this date every time you modify the document, you would include something like this in your HTML document:

Last modified:<!--#echo var="LAST_MODIFIED" -->
This displays to your web visitor as:
Last modified: Wednesday, 07-Aug-96 11:23:29 EDT

If you were designing your web with a standard footer, it is often useful to create a separate file for your footer and then include the footer file in each of your HTML documents. In your HTML document where you would normally put your HTML coding for your footer, you would instead include something like this:

<!--#include file="footer.txt" -->
If the file that you wish to include does not reside in the same directory as the HTML document that is including the file, you must give the absolute path name, for example
<!--#include virtual="/test/footer.txt" -->

Apache Extended Server Side Includes (XSSI) are also supported.


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