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What do I do when I am over quota?

If you have exceeded your quota, or if you have questions about your disk usage and quota, please work with your LSP or account administrator.

Here are some suggestions that you might consider to reduce your disk usage:
  • Move older messages to your local workstation and delete the copy from the server
    Use your email client to move to your own workstation older messages that you want to keep but don't need to view regularly. Please note that the Zimbra Web Client (ZWC) cannot save a copy of messages to your local workstation. You will need to use one of the other email clients that can do this. Please ask your LSP or account administrator for help, if you need it. Don't forget that once you have moved a copy of your older mail to your local workstation, you will still need to delete the copy from the server to free disk space.
  • Delete messages that you don't need
    Please note that deleting messages from the server is a two-step process. If you delete a message, it is marked for deletion but moved to the Trash folder. To completely expunge deleted messages, you need to empty your Trash folder:
    1. Right click (or control-click on a Mac) your Trash folder.
    2. Choose Empty Trash.
  • Empty Trash folder
    As mentioned above, deleted messages are stored in your "Trash" folder. If you haven't emptied your Trash folder in some time, you may have a large number of messages that you no longer need consuming disk space.
  • Delete attachments
    You may want to save an email message but do not need the attachment that was sent with the message. Consider deleting just the attachment. Please note that the Zimbra Web Client (ZWC) cannot delete inline attachments.
  • Delete the Junk folder
    The Junk folder contains messages that the system or the user has deemed to be spam. Messages are automatically deleted from the "Junk" folder after 14 days. If you are in an over-quota situation, you could delete the whole folder in order gain some disk space. You may want to check your Junk folder to make sure that there are no false-positives (real messages that have been mistakenly marked as spam) before deleting the entire folder.
  • POP users - don't leave mail on the server
    A POP user should check the email client's configuration. If the client has been configured to leave mail on the server, you may want to change that so that mail is delivered to the local workstation and no mail is left on the server.
  • Consider whether you need to save a copy of Sent messages
    If you are currently saving a copy of all messages that you send, you may want to consider whether you need to do this. You can save some disk space by not saving a copy of messages that you send.

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