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Why do I get junk mail in my Inbox?

It's possible you're automatically adding addresses to your Safe Senders list. Junk email is often forged to appear to come from a legitimate address. The forged addresses can be customer service addresses from legitimate websites or businesses. Since the Safe Senders list overrides junk mail controls, even junk mail that appears to be sent from these addresses will end up in your Inbox.

To resolve this, check to see if the "Automatically add people I e-mail to the Safe Senders list" preference is set and delete any addresses that were automatically added when you sent mail.

  1. In Outlook, go to Tools -> Options.
  2. In the Preferences tab, click the Junk E-mail button.
  3. In the Safe Senders tab, make sure the last checkbox, labelled "Automatically add people I e-mail to the Safe Senders list," is unchecked.
  4. You may want to uncheck the box labelled "Also trust e-mail from my Contacts."
  5. Remove any unwanted addresses from the Safe Senders list above by selecting the address and clicking the Delete button.
  6. Click Okay, then Okay again to save your preferences.

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