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What is my Exchange Quota, and how can I increase it?

Your exchange quota includes all email, contacts, and calendaring items. You begin with a quota of 1 GB . When usage reaches 92%, you receive a warning you are nearing your quota. This warning is processed and sent once a day, in the morning, so there is a chance you can go over-quota with no warning.

We have implemented the "autoquota" feature offered on Zimbra as one method for working around this issue. However, we encourage you to take action as soon as possible when usage reaches 980 MB.

To increase your quota please contact your Local Service Provider.

LSPs: Use Exchange Account Management to increase quota in increments of 250 MB, up to 4 GB maximum total quota. See for more information.

NOTE: Quota changes may take up to two hours to take effect. This is a default setting for Exchange 2007, intended to minimize system performance impact as data replicates through the system.


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