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When does my account expire?

Account expiration is set by the account administrator for your School or Department, not ISC administration. An account administrator can "disable" an account at any time. When an account is disabled, the user can no longer access the account and the account no longer receives any new mail. Old mail is held on the server until the deletion date set by the account administrator, usually 30 days. At any time before that deletion date an account administrator can "reinstate" the account with no loss of the old mail. On the first Monday after the deletion date, the account and all data owned by that account is deleted. An account administrator can "recreate" the account but the old data is no longer available.

An account administrator can also create an account with a predetermined expiration date. If your account has been created with an expiration date, you should have received an email message notifying you of that expiration date. One month prior to that expiration date, you will receive a weekly notice that your account is due to expire.

Every October there is an automatic process that deletes the accounts of students who have already graduated. The student will receive weekly notices for one month prior that the account is being deleted. The School of Medicine does not participate in this annual deletion of student accounts but has its own deletion schedule.

Please contact your LSP or account administrator if you have questions about your account expiration.

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