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What is my login name and email address?

Penn's centrally operated email servers are PennNames compliant servers so your login name (also known as a "username") will be the same as your PennName (your unique University username) upon which your PennKey is based. While you do not need to have a PennName before creating a new account on our email servers, you do need to first have a record in PennCommunity, the central University data store. User records are loaded into PennCommunity by:
  1. Registrar load of students
  2. Payroll load of employees
  3. UPHS load of employees
  4. Manual submission of a Guest record by your department's PennCommunity administrator

Your email address is your login name combined with your domain name joined with the @ ("at") symbol. Since there are multiple domains hosted on these email servers, you may have a number of possible email addresses.

Following are recommendations that ISC makes for which email address you should use. Please check with your LSP or account administrator to see which email address is preferred by your department. It is most important that your email address match expectations of other users on the system. If another user is trying to find calendar information for you, he/she may not be able to find it if you are listed in the Global Address List (GAL) as and your correspondent is looking for info for
School of Medicine
Graduate School of Education
Dental Medicine
Veterinary Medicine
Social Policy & Practice
Annenberg Communications
Environmental Health & Radiation Safety
Information Systems & Computing
Individuals in all other departments
Group accounts in all other departments

  1. If your organization has its own domain that is being supported for email, please use that address for your email as shown above. Individuals and group accounts can use the organization's domain. In addition to the email address based on your department's domain, individuals can also use We will also continue to support for accounts that were created prior to 2008.

    LSPs: If you wish to use your own domain for email addresses, you must first register a third-level domain name. Once you have a registered domain name and wish us to support your domain name for addressing, please contact the ProDesk.

  2. If your department does not have its own domain, individuals can use or but group accounts must use In compliance with the NPC policy on the use of the namespace, group accounts do not get a address.

  3. While the machine names and could be used for your email address, we discourage using these domains for your advertised email address. These names reflect the underlying software used for the email services and they would change if we change our software.

  4. We will continue to support for students who had accounts on our systems prior to 2008 but moving forward we strongly suggest that you use the domain for your school. is likely to be retired at some future date. We will give one year's notice before discontinuing the name.

Consider our Forward-only service if:
  • You are not a customer of one of the centrally operated email servers but wish to have an address in the domain. Please note that only email addresses based on PennKeys can be added to the domain.
  • You are a customer of one of the centrally operated email servers but wish an address that is not based on an existing email account.
Instructions for configuring supported Zimbra email clients
Instructions for configuring supported Exchange email clients

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