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Email Services - Frequently Asked Questions:

General Information

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Penn's Zimbra Collaboration Suite FAQ

General Services Info

  1. What is "Zimbra"?
  2. How do I log in to Zimbra?
  3. What's the difference between the Zimbra Basic and Enhanced Security?
  4. How can I get Zimbra data restored?
  5. How do I get a full backup of my Zimbra folders?
  6. What happens when I mark a message as junk (or not junk)?
  7. How long are messages kept in my "Junk" folder?
  8. I'm either told that my account is in "maintenance mode" or I've been disconnected from my session. Why can't I access my mail?
  9. Where can I get more help?

Account Settings

  1. What is my quota and how do I check my disk usage?
  2. How do I change my Zimbra account password?
  3. How do I create a vacation message/autoreply in Zimbra?
  4. How do I forward a copy of my Zimbra email to an external account?
  5. How do I use the Zimbra "briefcase"?
  6. How do I view free/busy times?
  7. Why can't people see my free/busy times? or why is my free/busy incorrect?

Client Configuration and Use

  1. What clients are supported by Zimbra?
  2. Why do I see a certificate error when using Outlook 2007?
  3. Is the Zimbra Desktop Client supported?
  4. How can I set preferences in the Zimbra Web Client?
  5. How can I restore a message in the Zimbra Web Client
  6. How can I filter Zimbra mail?
  7. Do you offer a Blackberry service for Zimbra?
  8. How can I subscribe to internet calendars?

Zimbra Upgrade Changes

  1. What happened to the quota display in the Zimbra Web Client?
    Your quota still displays but it is now in the right-hand of the screen. Please see more details.
  2. What happened to the Documents tab in the Zimbra Web Client?
    Zimbra no longer has a Documents module. Any document that you may have created in the old Documents module was moved to the Briefcase. You can create new documents in the Briefcase.

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