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How do I use the Zimbra "briefcase"?

Zimbra includes a feature called the briefcase, which allows a user to store documents in their Zimbra account. These documents will then be available whenever the user can access the Zimbra Webmail Client (ZWC).

Uploading Documents

To upload a document to the Briefcase, click the Briefcase tab at the top of the ZWC screen, and then click "Upload File". In the dialog box that appears, click the "Browse..." button to select a file on your local computer to upload, and then click "OK". Any type of file may be uploaded; however, there may be a size limit per file, indicated at the bottom of the dialog box. Files uploaded to the Briefcase will count against your disk space quota.

Please note that any uploaded files are copies of the originals, not the originals themselves. If the uploaded copy of a file is changed, the original will remain unchanged, and vice-versa.

Downloading Documents

To download a document from the Briefcase, right-click the file, then select "Download". If you are using the "Column Browser" view, you may also left-click on the file, then click "Download" in the file information pane.

Like files uploaded to the Briefcase, files downloaded from the Briefcase are independent copies of the originals. Future modifications to either the file in the Briefcase or the downloaded file will not automatically update the other.

Zimbra Documents

It is possible to create certain types of documents in Zimbra itself. These documents will have a "Type" such as "Zimbra Document", "Zimbra Spreadsheet" or "Zimbra Presentation". Although these documents may be edited within the ZWC, they may not normally be downloaded. If you are unable to download a document, check whether it is of one of these document types.

More Information

For more information on the Briefcase, such as how you may share documents in the Briefcase with other users, please refer to Zimbra Mail Help.


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