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How can I get Zimbra data restored?

Please first see how to restore messages using the Zimbra Webmail Client (ZWC).

Data on systems operated in support of production services offered by ISC Networking and Telecommunications are backed up daily for the purpose of restoration of service in the event of a system failure.

User data backups, including email, webpages and home directories, are stored for up to 14 days. This information is never archived. System data backups, including the operating system, applications, configuration files, and log information, are stored for 30 days.

The primary purpose of performing a backup of our servers is to maintain system integrity, that is, to provide the ability to recreate the system (including all operating system, application software and user files) as of the date and time of the most recent valid backup, following serious system failures including catastrophic disk loss.

Users should consider backing up their own data (see How do I get a full backup of my Zimbra folders?), but in cases where it is necessary to recover lost data from our backup tapes, ISC Networking and Telecommunications will do a restoration at a cost of $50.00/restoration providing that the file is available from our backup system. Your LSP or account administrator can open a trouble ticket to request the restoration.


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