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How do I get a full backup of my Zimbra folders?

You can take a export of your Zimbra folders using the Zimbra Webmail Client (ZWC).

  1. Go to
    You will be asked to authenticate yourself using your PennKey and PennKey password.
  2. Choose Preferences from the ZWC top tool bar.
  3. From Preferences, choose Import/Export in the left-hand menu and you will see a screen like this:

  4. In the Export section, choose the type of folders you want to export. Leaving Type set to Account and Source as All folders will export your whole account; mail calendars, contacts, tasks, documents, etc... Or you can choose which parts to export by selecting Calendar or Contacts, a specific source folder, or the Advanced settings will allow you to select all folders of specific data types; eg. all Mail folders, or all Calendars.
  5. Choose Export.
    You will produce a .tgz file containing all of the data you selected. This file can be used to restore your account using the Import function.


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