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I'm either told that my account is in "maintenance mode" or I've been disconnected from my session. Why can't I access my mail?

Once a week, usually during the weekend, we do a full back up of user data to be used in case of a full system failure. The Zimbra back up mechanism goes through the list of users and backs up one user at a time, putting that one account into "maintenance mode" which locks the account from any other access during the back up process. Even new mail for the account being backed up will queue during this back up process. Depending on the amount of data that an account has, this process can take up to 5 minutes for one account.

If you happen to be logged on and accessing your mail when the back up process starts for your account, you may see a message saying that your account cannot be accessed because it is in maintenance mode or your session may be logged out and you may be taken to the Penn Weblogin screen to login again. If either of these should happen to you and you cannot access your mail, please wait for 5 minutes and try again.

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