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What are the basic security settings for Outlook?

Your Server: using

Basic Security users may use TLS to encrypt POP,IMAP, and SMTP authentication. The settings are the same for both Macintosh and PC clones.

These instructions are for Outlook 2003. Click here for Outlook 2007 and 2010 instructions. Other versions of Outlook are not supported for IMAP/POP with Zimbra.

(Enhanced security using Kerberos is not available for Outlook users. Please use Mozilla Thunderbird instead.)

Accounts can be configured in E-mail Accounts under the Tools menu.


Outlook 2003 Users will require the hotfix 839629 from Microsoft to be installed in order to connect to the SMTP server correctly using TLS. Please ask your LSP to provide you with this.

Internet Email Settings


Your Name:
Your real name.

E-mail Address:
Your email address for this account.

Outgoing mail server:
Add "smtp." in front of the server name.

User Name:
This is the login name for your email account.

You may choose to save your password to avoid entering it every time you check your email.

Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA):
Make sure this is turned off. Penn does not support SPA.

More Settings:
To set up a secure connection click this button to continue.

More Settings


Mail Account:
A nickname for this account.

This will be shown in emails you send. (optional)

Reply E-mail:
You can specify an email address here if you want people to reply to a different email address when you send email from this account.

Outgoing Server

My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication:
Be sure to turn this on.

Use same settings as my incoming mail server:
This setting should be used unless you use an incoming mail service which is not provided by Penn.



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