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How do I restore a message using ZWC?

Please note that the following instructions require that you use the Zimbra Webmail Client in the Advanced (Ajax) mode.

When you delete a message from a folder using the Zimbra Webmail Client, it is moved to the Trash folder. At this time you will see a popup that informs you that the message has been moved to the Trash folder and you could undo the deletion. If you choose Undo, the message will be restored back to its original location. If you leave it in the Trash folder, you will continue to have access to the deleted message and it will be counted against your quota unless you delete it from the Trash folder or empty the Trash folder by right clicking the Trash folder and choosing the Empty Trash option.

Once you delete a message from the Trash folder it will no longer be counted against your quota but you could still recover the message for 14 days after the deletion. To recover a message that's been deleted from the Trash folder:
  1. right click the Trash folder
  2. select Recover Deleted Items
  3. choose the message(s) to recover
  4. choose the folder that will now store the message(s)
Once the message is moved to a new folder it will again count against your quota.

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