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ISC Networking and Telecommunications Email Services

ISC Networking & Telecommunications offers two email services:

Select Zimbra if your organization:

  • supports a mix of PC, Mac or Linux clients for mail.
  • does not depend on third-party client access to a calendar system. The Zimbra web client has full-featured calendar support. There is limited support for other third-party clients at this time and separate credentials are required for calendar access.
  • depends on ISC's recommended authentication platform, Kerberos.
  • is a school that wishes to allow students to self-provision accounts.
  • wishes to suport only a full-featured web client that works in any modern browser, or the same cross-platform client.
  • considers cost a strong factor in your decision making.

Select Exchange if your organization:

  • supports a majority of PC clients. Microsoft Entourage provides access to Exchange services for Mac users, but there are substantial feature gaps between Entourage and Outlook.
  • does not depend on ISC's recommended authentication platform, Kerberos.
  • has webmail users who primarily use the Internet Explorer browser. Other browsers offer less functionality with Outlook Web Access.
  • does not consider cost a strong factor in your decision making.

Select both services if your organization:

  • has a mix of business users, faculty, and students, and you support different classes of service for those constituencies.
  • does not require full-featured scheduling across platforms and across services.
Consult with ISC regarding your service selection if there are mitigating factors not listed here.

Service Alerts

2/5/2016, 9:45 - The four Zimbra mailbox servers starting alarming and demonstrated performance issues beginning at 9:15am. We have restarted the service and alarms are clearing. We are still investigating the root cause and will report back when we have more information.


Update - 12/01/2105, 3:45pm - The database recovery is complete and queued mail is now being delivered. All users should now be able to access the service.

Update - 12/01/2015, 2:50pm - We've found the problem and the database for that mail server is rebuilding, replaying transactions. We estimate that it may take up to an hour for the database to rebuild.

12/01/2015, 2:00pm - A portion of our Exchange users are unable to reach their mailboxes as one of the mailbox servers is experiencing a hardware error. We are investigating. Mail sent while the mailboxes are unreachable will queue and be delivered when the server is again available.


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