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Virus Scanning Service

ISC Networking and Telecommunications offers a virus scanning service for all of its users. This email server serves users in the following domains:

All email that is sent to and sent from users using the ISC Networking and Telecommunications email server is scanned for viruses by an off-site vendor, Messagelabs, through a sophisticated technology which promises to be highly effective at identifying viruses while adhering to the University's policies on security and privacy.

Messages that have been identified as containing a virus are quarantined on the off-site server for 30 days and then are automatically discarded. Summary reports of messages which have been quarantined are sent to ISC Networking and Telecommunications and our staff has the ability to retrieve a quarantined message durng the 30-day quarantine period should it ever become necessary. Copies of the reports are sent to your account administrator. If you have concerns that a message may have been mistakenly quarantined, please contact your local support provider.

ISC Networking acknowledges that automatic discarding of email messages violates the normal email delivery processes as specified by RFC 2821 but the spread of computer viruses has become so rampant and so destructive that we are compelled to try to protect our users.

More information on our virus scanning service is available.


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