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Routine Messages Sent to Users

As part of our email service, we rely on the LSP to contact users although there are a selected number of cases when we will send automated messages directly to the user:

  • When a new account is created, there are two messages that are automatically mailed to the new user which outline email services which are available to users and policies to which users should adhere.
  • When a user is nearing the assigned disk quota, we will send a message to the user informing him/her of the situation.
  • When a user is nearing the deletion date that has been specified by the account administrator, we will send a message to the user informing him/her of the situation.
  • We have an annual deletion of student accounts in October. If a student is no longer eligible to have an account on our server because the student is no longer an active student in one of the schools that we support, we send 4 notices warning that the account will be deleted before deleting the account.
Following is the text of these messages:

Service Message

From: "Penn Zimbra Help"
Subject: Email Service

[Firstname] [Lastname],

You now have an email account on the ISC Networking and Telecommunications
email server.  A listing of eligibility and services offered, including
quota and quota management, is available at:

To report a problem with or a disruption of a service, you should contact
your local support provider.  Information on local support providers is
available at:

Scheduled downtime for preventive maintenance and system upgrades
normally occur after business hours.  ISC will attempt to notify
account administrators of scheduled downtime in advance when possible.

You should keep in mind that email is inherently an unsecure
method of communication.  Users requiring secure email should
investigate using PGP.  Information is available at:


Accounts can be locked if the user loses affiliation with the
department or school that has issued the account, or if there are
policy violations.  Account termination occurs at the discretion of
a user's department or school and arrangements for issues such as mail
forwarding or retrieval of data from the server should be made with
local support providers in cases where the account is due to be

Policies Message

From: "Penn Zimbra Help"
Subject: Email Policies

[Firstname] [Lastname],

Following are links to the University policies to which end-users on ISC
Networking and Telecommunications email server must adhere.  Failure to
adhere to these policies could result in termination of your account. Any
questions about these policies should be directed to your local support
provider.  Information on local support providers is available at:

University information security policies are available at:

University privacy policies are available at:

Policy on Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources is available at:

Nearing Quota Message

From: "Penn Zimbra Help"
Subject: Quota warning

Your mailbox size has reached [number]MB, which is over 92% of your
[number]MB quota.  Please delete some messages to avoid exceeding your 
quota and don't forget to empty your Trash folder.

For further assistance please contact your Local Support Provider:

Account Deletion Message

From: "Penn Zimbra Help"
Subject: Deletion of your email account

[Firstname] [Lastname],

Your email account [account name] is scheduled to be deleted
on [date of deletion].

Please make sure to remove any necessary files from the
server as soon as possible.

If you have questions about this message, you must contact
your local support provider before [date of deletion].

Annual Deletion of Student Account Message

Subject: Your e-mail account will be deleted

Re: [username]@[hostname]
Deletion Date: [date of deletion]
Reason - [reason for deletion of account]
[notice number] Notice

Your student record shows that you are no longer eligible to have the
above account on this server. The reason for your ineligibility is shown
above. Either your PennCommunity record has expired or you no longer
have a valid school code in your PennCommunity record.  If you feel
that you are eligible to keep your account, you must correct your 
PennCommunity record.

Your account will be deleted on the above date and all of your files and
mail will be lost.  If you need to save any of your files, please move
them off of the server before that date. If you would like to have any 
future mail forwarded to another address, set up forwarding for your 
account by choosing the "User Account Services" link on the Email
Help page available at

or by logging into your account and typing "forward on" at the MAIN 
MENU prompt. When your account is deleted, we will capture the contents
of your forward file and use that to forward your mail for six 
months after deletion.

If you have any questions concerning the deletion of your account, or
need help in correcting your PennCard record, please contact your
local support provider or school's computing center.


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