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Roundtable is an advisory board chaired by the Vice President for Information Technology and University Chief Information Officer who appoints a rotating co-chair. It is an integral component of IT Governance at the University of Pennsylvania. Membership consists of the most senior IT management at each school and from major resource centers. Guests are invited to attend and participate as appropriate.

IT Roundtable has two primary functions: to share knowledge in order to strengthen the performance of all Penn IT organizations and individuals and as a sounding board for decisions/policies of Information Systems & Computing (ISC, Penn's central computing organization) that have University wide implications.

As an advisory board, IT Roundtable can provide valuable input and improve collaboration between central- and school-based IT organizations. The goal is to bring forward school/center perspectives and to ensure all discussions are informed by a University perspective to avoid parochialism and ensure interoperability of our shared resources. Roundtable is the place to have discussions about emerging technologies, what they mean for Penn and their impact on the community. Roundtable advises on University-wide implementations of new and improved services, guidelines and policies and may provide high level requirements for University-wide initiatives.

As an advisory board Roundtable has direct decision rights for neither the central IS organization nor any other IT organization in a school or center. Members are actively involved in planning for their own schools and centers and they willingly share ideas, issues, and learning. Decisions may reside with school/center management; ultimate decision-making authority resides with the Provost and/or the Executive Vice President in consultation with the Vice President for Information Technology and University Chief Information Officer for those issues with University-wide implications. In cases with capital expenditure implications, ultimate approval resides with the Trustees.


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