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Linux Special Interest Group List The Linux distribution list is used by its members to communicate about topics of interest related to Linux.
Public Area Computing Special Interest Group

The PAC-SIG Group is made up of computing lab administrators and others with a strong interest in the support of public areas of computing on campus. It facilitates information exchange and technical support through meetings and an electronic distribution list, and addresses issues related to public computing lab standards and services.

Social Media-SIG
The Social Media-SIG distribution list is used for discussions about social media at Penn. With multiple, competing platforms and accounts spread over both schools and departments it’s hard to know the breadth of what is happening around campus, where to focus attention and where to look for advice. “Socialmedia-SIG” is kin to and in support of web-SIG, but without the technical discussions.
Video Special Interest Group
The Video Special Interest Group distribution list is used by its members to disseminate information about video and emerging technologies related to video to University of Pennsylvania faculty, staff, and students as well as assist faculty and staff in their integration.

Announcement Only Lists

IT-Announce A special list designed to provide a limited number of messages of interest to the wider IT community. Subscribers to any of the Special Interest Groups above will receive IT-Announce messages.

Receive the IT-Announce messages without being a member of any other group.


For communication about Penn's network infrastructure including updates and outage announcements.
SUG members will receive all PennNet-Announce messages and don't need to subscribe separately.

LSP-ADSYS For LSPs that support users of administrative systems, providing information about system availability as well as notices and alerts that may affect the end user and/or desktop. All communications regarding PennERA, Atlas, BEN Financials, and other administrative systems targeted to the LSP community will be sent to this distribution list.
LSP-VOIP For communication about the Penn Voice Over IP including updates and outage announcements.
Technology Training Receive information about technical training opportunities offered on campus by ISC Technology Training Services. ILearnIT messages will be of interest to technical staff and their clients.





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