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PENN Community provides biographic, demographic and affiliation information about people who are part of the University community.

Access to Penn Community

If you are interested in access to Penn Community, please send an email to Let us know if you need access to the online application (e.g., looking up individuals one at a time, creating records, issuing setup codes) and/or access to the database (e.g., querying through tools such as Business Objects, TOAD, etc.). A member of our team will be in touch with you to determine your needs.

Merged Penn IDs

As part of our efforts to improve data integrity in the Penn Community, we have implemented a utility to resolve duplicate Penn IDs. The result is the merging of one PennID into another. One PennID remains with a pointer to the merged Penn ID. Detailed information on this data can be found at this link.

Penn Community Password Changes

Setup Code Letter Report Access Request Form

Penn Community Authorization Scripts

Convert Id Access Request Form

Penn Community Table Documentation:

The Penn Community Clickable Table Diagram

Penn Community Affiliations


Data Dictionary of Individual Tables:
Affiliation Ref
Dependent Host-Affiliation Crossref
Error Ref


Source-Affiliation Crossref


Individual Logs:

PIN Access
SSN Change

Other Penn Community Documents:
SUG Presentation - Monday, April 8 2002 (in Powerpoint)
Logical Data Model
Phase One Physical Table Layout
A Powerpoint Slideshow Introduction to the Project
PENN Community Program Proposal
Phase 1 Deliverables and General Concepts