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Computing A - Z: Acronyms

The following is a list of acronyms that are commonly encountered in the Penn computing environment. Some of these are technical terms in common use outside the University, while others are specific to organizations at Penn.

AAA Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting
AIT Administrative Information Technologies (ISC)
AUP Acceptable Use Policy
BEN Business Enterprise Network
BOOTP Boot(strap) Protocol
CRC Computing Resource Center (ISC)
CETS Computing and Educational Technology Services (SEAS)
CSG Client Services Group (ISC)
CTS Classroom Technology Services (ISC)
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
ERA Electronic Research Administration
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FERPA Family Educational Rights Privacy Act
FTP File Transfer Protocol
GIS Geographic Information System
GSE Graduate School of Education
GSFA Graduate School of Fine Arts
IRQDB Institutional Research Query Database
ISC Information Systems & Computing
IT Information Technology
ITA Information Technology Advisor
LSP Local Support Provider
MAGPI Mid-Atlantic GigaPoP in Philadelphia for Internet2
MMETS Multi-Media Educational Technology Services (SAS)
N&T Networking & Telecommunications (ISC)
ORS Office of Research Services
OTIS Office of Technology and Information Services (School of Nursing)
PAC Personal Access Code
PDF Portable Document Format
PIN Personal Identification Number
PVN Penn Video Network
SALINC Salary Increase
SAS School of Arts and Sciences
SEAS School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
SEO Systems Engineering & Operations (ISC)
SIG Special Interest Group
SOMIS School of Medicine Information Services
SOS Support-On-Site (ISC)
SRS Student Records System
STS Student Telephone Services
SUG Super User Group
TTS Technology Training Services (ISC)
URI Uniform Resource Indicator
URL Uniform Resource Locator
VPUL Vice Provost for University Life
WCIT Wharton Computing and Information Technology
WEMBA Wharton West Executive Master’s of Business Administration



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