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Focus On: Enterprise and Non-Enterprise Applications

ISC provides software solutions that support academic, business/financial, and research administration. Below are sample enterprise and non-enterprise applications developed by ISC. Authorized users can log in to systems to which they have been granted access.

Academic Systems

  • Advisor InTouch - Advising system for use by authorized faculty and academic advisors
  • Canvas - Course management system
  • ClassLists - Course email lists
  • Course Evaluations
    • Log in to complete course evaluations or (instructors) create individual feedback questionnaires.
    • My Course Evaluations reports for instructors.
  • Courses InTouch (CIT) - Course and student data for authorized instructors, including class lists, online grading, course problem notice, and syllabus repository
  • Data Warehouse - Repository of selected corporate data for query, analysis, and reporting
  • Graduate, Professional and Continuing Education Admissions
    • Log in the Graduate, Professional and Continuing Education Admissions system.
  • Institutional Research Query Database (IRQDB) - Application for authorized instructors to view teaching history and authorized administrators to view classlists
  • Penn Loan System (PLS) - Get information about loans, check the status of loans, view correspondence, submit online loan requests
  • Student Records System (SRS) - Student information, including course, matriculation, biographic, and demographic data
  • Pennant Accounts - Supports student billing and accounts receivable
    • About Pennant Accounts.
  • Pennant Graduate Funding - Supports School-based funding for graduate students
    • About Pennant Graduate Funding.

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Business/Financial Systems

  • ATLAS - Advancement portal
  • Budget Planning Tools - Planning Workspace which includes links to Planning, Reports, and Smart View
    • About Budget Planning Tools.
  • Business Enterprise Network (BEN) - Core business systems, including BEN Financials (purchasing, accounts payable, general ledger) and BEN Deposits (tracking deposits)
  • Data Warehouse - Repository of selected corporate data for query, analysis, and reporting
  • Payroll/Personnel System
    • About the Payroll/Personnel System.
    • Log in to PennWorks (HR/Payroll) System.
  • Penn Community - Biographic, demographic, and contact data about people who are part of the Penn community (faculty, staff, students, UPHS employees, as well as guests and conference attendees)

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Research Systems

  • ARIES - Animal Research Information & Electronic Submissions
  • Data Warehouse - Repository of selected corporate data for query, analysis, and reporting
  • HS-ERA - Human Subject Electronic Research Application
  • PennERA - Electronic Research Administration
  • POLARIS - Penn's Online Laboratory Animal Resources Information System
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