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Focus On: E-Learning Tools

Included here are links to electronic tools that support teaching and learning at Penn. Individual Schools may have restrictions on the use of certain tools, and some tools may not be available in all Schools. For information about facilities such as public labs and technology-equipped classrooms, see the Labs, Classrooms, Facilities menu page.

Tools for Students

Library's Courseweb Gateway - Links to University course web sites.

Penn InTouch - Access to a host of activities including registering for, dropping and adding courses and viewing transcripts.

PennPortal - Customizable gateway to academic and other important resources and services.

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Tools & Services for Faculty, Advisors, & Staff

Administrative eLearning Systems - Information about and access to the key systems used for providing administrative and compliance training to students, faculty, and staff.

Advisor InTouch - Access to key student information for advising students in course selection, curriculum, and career planning.

Classlist Mailing List Service - How to use course email lists or classlists to contact students enrolled in a particular class.

Institutional Research Query Database (IRQDB) - Access to class enrollment lists with student pictures.

Library's Courseweb Gateway - Links to University course web sites and course management tools like Blackboard and other courseware services (e.g., SPIKE,, Penn LPS Online Learning).

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School-specific Instructional Technology Resources

Arts & Sciences: Instructional Technology.

Design: Computing Resources.

Engineering: Computing & Educational Technology.

Law: Classroom Services.

Nursing: Instructional Technologies.

Wharton: Instructional Technology.

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