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Comcast @Home cable modem service available

The Comcast @Home service, provided by Comcast Cablevision, offers a high-speed cable modem connection to the Internet, which is up to 100 times faster than a standard telephone modem connection. This remote access service is available at a special discounted rate to the Penn community.

Comcast is offering Penn its @Home service at $100 off of the normal installation price (regularly $149.00) plus a free month of service ($39.95 value). There is a 30-day money back guarantee. When you subscribe to the service, mention the code "Penn."

Comcast is also offering a $20 credit on your monthly bill for each friend of yours who subscribes to Comcast @Home. Friends need to give Comcast @Home your full e-mail address when subscribing.

Following is a list of zip codes where Comcast's @Home service is currently available:

19040                19006                19072
19041                19001                19085
19044                19063                19090
19046                19006                19095
19010                19004                19066
19009                19003                19096
19038                19001                08075
19035                19012                08010
19027                19038

For more information or to subscribe to Comcast @Home, call 1-888-793-9800 or visit the Comcast web page.

--Mike Palladino, Executive Director, ISC Networking

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