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Dell Battery Recall Program

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Dell Computer is voluntarily recalling certain batteries that were sold for use with some models of Latitude and Inspiron notebook computers, including some of those in the University of Pennsylvania's 2000 Fall Truckload Sale. Dell states that these batteries can short circuit, even when the battery is not in use, potentially causing them to become very hot, release smoke, and possibly catch fire.

The recalled batteries were sold with the following models of Dell notebook computers:

The recalled batteries were also sold separately, including those ordered as replacement batteries. The batteries were shipped to customers between June 22 and September 15, 2000 (in North and South America) and between June 22 and October 4, 2000 (in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa).

Please note that only the described batteries are part of the recall and not the notebook computers themselves, and that many of these notebooks also shipped with batteries that are not part of the recall.

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Information Systems & Computing (ISC) suggests calling the Dell customer-contact phone number at (877) 741-6420, only after verifying that your battery is part of the recall. A Dell-authorized service provider will both deliver your replacement battery and pick up the recalled battery. A technical description of the battery issue will be available from Dell at your request.

Additional information is available from Dell:

Dell Battery Recall Letter
Dell Battery Recall FAQ
Dell Battery Recall Press Release

--Mark Aseltine, Director, ISC Provider Support and Client Services (October 18, 2000)

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