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Apple’s Latest iBook

Note: This document has been revised since it was first published as a news article in May, 2001. The original article is here.


On October 16, 2001, Apple Computer announced an updated version of their iBook laptop line. This system, currently available only in white, represents primarily a speed update to the "consumer portable" portion of Apple's four-part product line.

The iBook weighs in at 4.9 lbs, comes in three standard configurations and can be custom built at Penn's Apple Store.

What it has

What it doesn’t have (that the PowerBook G4 does)

Standard configurations

The iBook is offered in three standard configurations at the Computer Connection:

Additional build-to-order (BTO) options are available.

Technical issues & recommendations

ISC does not expect there to be significant hardware-related compatibility problems with the iBook. However, the iBook will have the same software-related conflicts that any Mac OS 9.2.1-based or Mac OS X version 10.1-based workstation would have.

ISC has tested the iBook for compatibility with University-supported hardware and software. The iBook is compatible with the 2001 PennConnect CD-ROM and with Penn’s supported network applications. Attention has also been paid to dial-up networking and modem functionality, which has been tested using a modified version of ISC’s modem testing script.

Depending on how well configured they are, these workstations meet either ISC’s Recommended Configurations for New Value Laptop Workstations or ISC’s Recommended Configurations for New Lightweight Laptop Workstations. Please note that ISC considers 256 MB of RAM to be the absolute minimum for a new workstation. As always, support providers should be aware of the technical issues associated with any new workstation design.

--Robert L. DeSilets, Jr., IT Support Specialist, ISC Provider Desk

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