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Apple’s PowerBook G4

In March 2001, Apple's titanium PowerBook G4 became commonly available. This system represents the "professional portable" portion of Apple's five-part product line. The PowerBook G4 includes both the first 15-inch screen (actually a 15.2-inch screen) and the first G4 processor on any Apple laptop.

The PowerBook G4 is approximately half a pound lighter than the PowerBook G3 it replaces. It comes in two standard configurations and can be custom configured at Penn's Apple Store.

What it has

What it doesn’t have

Standard configurations

The PowerBook G4 is offered in two standard configurations at the Computer Connection:

Technical issues & recommendations

ISC does not expect there to be significant hardware-related compatibility problems with the PowerBook G4. However, the PowerBook will have the same software-related conflicts that any Mac OS 9.1-based workstation would have.

ISC has tested the PowerBook G4 for compatibility with University-supported hardware and software. Special attention has been paid to dial-up networking and modem functionality, which has been tested using a modified version of ISC’s modem testing script. The PowerBook G4 is compatible with the 2000 PennConnect CD-ROM and with Penn’s supported network applications.

These workstations meet ISC’s Recommended Configurations for New 'Desktop-Equivalent' Laptop Workstations. As always, support providers should be aware of the technical issues associated with any new workstation design.

--John Mulhern III, IT Project Leader, ISC Technology Support Services

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