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Apple’s 17-inch iMac/G4

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the iMac 17-inch system on July 16, 2002 at Macworld Expo New York. The iMac 17-inch adds a high-resolution wide-screen 17-inch LCD and a few other enhancements to the iMac/G4 product line Apple introduced in January, 2002.

The iMac 17-inch's primary differentiating feature is a wide-screen LCD that is 2.4 inches wider than the 15-inch XGA screen that is on the other iMac/G4s and (at 1440 x 900) has 65% more pixels - approximately 100 pixels per inch. The display has the same aspect ratio (8:5) that Apple's $3,150 Cinema HD Display does.


What it doesn't have (compared to a Power Macintosh G4)

Technical issues & recommendations

Information Systems & Computing (ISC) does not expect there to be significant hardware-related compatibility problems with the iMac 17-inch. However, the iMac 17-inch will have the same software-related conflicts that any Mac OS X version 10.1.x or Mac OS 9.2.x workstation would have.

ISC has tested the iMac 17-inch for compatibility with University supported hardware and software, including the PennConnect 2001 CD-ROM. As always, support providers should be aware of the potential technical issues associated with any new workstation design.

Except for a slight deficit in processor speed, these workstations meet all of ISC’s desktop recommendations for Macintoshes, with the addition of extra RAM and an external Zip drive. Thus, they are tough competition for low-end to mid-range Power Macintosh G4s in some cases.

--John Mulhern III, Senior IT Project Leader, ISC Technology Support Services

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