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Supplement Academic Programs with Penn Video Network

August 20, 2003 :: Reni Roberts, ISC Networking & Telecommunications

The Penn Video Services wing of ISC Networking & Telecommunications provides University departments and centers, instructors, and all student groups the opportunity to supplement academic courses and programs by broadcasting movies and special-events programming free of charge on Penn Video Network (PVN). PVN, the University's cable television and special video events network, serves over 8,000 students living in the University's college halls and fraternity/sorority chapter houses and is also available in over 60 academic and administrative buildings.

Use of video in academic programs can heighten interest in course material and engage students into deeper discussion. In addition, by taking advantage of this service, departments and centers gain visibility for their projects. As the fall term gets underway, now is a great time to take advantage of the following PVN services:

Request Movie Broadcasts - PVN's movie channels (11 & 22) broadcast 40 to 50 movies a month, a combination of blockbusters, foreign and independent films. Films are leased on a monthly basis and need to be requested six weeks prior to the month in which they are broadcast. To request that a movie be broadcast in support of your curriculum or program, contact PVN at or fill out the simple online request form at:

Please note that PVN runs films obtained from two large distribution companies that provide the appropriate rights to broadcast on a closed-circuit system. Some films are available for home rental but not for closed-circuit broadcast, so you may want to choose a backup movie in the event that your first choice is not available. PVN staff can also suggest alternate titles if they aren't able to gain broadcast rights to film you request.

Special Events Channel Broadcast - Enhance your course/event with PVN's Special Events Channel (24), which provides special programming aimed at a college audience. PVN's knowledgeable and friendly staff will work with you to determine if a movie or video can be rebroadcast to coincide with a special event. Recent programming included broadcast of movies for the Greenfield Intercultural Center's Unity Week as well as consecutive showings of Tell Me a Riddle, a film depicting an elderly couple dealing with serious illness shown in support of Dr. Barbara Reigel's (School of Nursing) coursework. For information on broadcasting on this channel, contact PVN by emailing

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