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July 11 network change will affect some off-campus Internet users

May 23, 2006 :: Mike Palladino, Information Systems & Computing, Associate Vice-President

For security reasons, Penn needs to restrict access to its Domain Name System (DNS) servers to on-campus users. Internet Service Providers (ISPs), including Penn and commercial ISPs such as Verizon, use DNS to translate alphabetic computer names into their corresponding numerical addresses, eg. into, etc. Without DNS services, users would have to remember and use these numerical sequences.

Beginning July 11, Penn’s DNS service will stop accepting name translation requests from off-campus computers. On-campus Internet users will not be affected by this change. Nor will most off-campus users be affected; they are likely using their ISP’s DNS service already. However, any off-campus users who have manually configured their computer with Penn’s DNS servers will need to alter their configuration to use DNS servers operated by their ISP before July 11.

To check or change DNS settings, see your Local Support Provider or

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