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ISC Networking & Telecommunications Services & Rates for FY 2016

December 16, 2014 :: Information Systems & Computing,Tom Murphy, Vice President for Information Technology and University Chief Information Officer

For FY'16 ISC will hold steady rates for the majority of networking and telecommunications services. The Central Service Fee (CSF) will increase by 1.21% beginning July 1, 2015 to support strategic service enhancements. These changes reflect broad discussion with the Network Planning Task Force (NPTF), a cross-campus team of technology and business staff that discusses strategies and issues surrounding planning and funding for PennNet, as well as within the context of Information Systems and Computing (ISC) strategic planning. For a summary of NPTF recommendations, please see:

For help determining which services you require, please visit the ISC Client Care website at /isc/help/ or call 8-1000. All ISC networking and telecommunications rates for FY'16 are available at:

Highlights of FY’16 Rates

In consultation with the Network Planning Task Force, ISC has identified upgrades and additions to network services, as well as to the Central Infrastructure Bundle through which ISC provides numerous core networking, security and identity management services to the University community. A series of strategic efforts is allowing ISC to keep FY’16 rates low, while greatly enhancing network capacity, security and services and providing substantial value to our clients across the University.

In FY’16, major infrastructure enhancements to the campus network, including substantially increased connectivity to Internet2, will augment Penn's capacity to support its research and education mission. These additions and enhancements to network services will result in a 1.21% increase to the Central Service Fee, which funds the Central Service Bundle. To offset these increased costs, ISC is maintaining the majority of current service rates for FY'16. 10/100/1000 Base-T ports will continue to be charged at the same rate of $4.75/month, and there will be no increase in rates for wireless, AP support, Call Center Services (ACD), PennNet Phone services, email services and video outlets.

For more information about ISC rates and what is included in the Central Service Bundle, see:

Infrastructure and Ports

Our Next Generation PennNet project continues to augment network capacity and to address the big data and collaboration needs of University researchers. Additionally, with funding from the National Science Foundation, ISC will continue to implement a 100 Gbps-capable "Science DMZ," a high-speed sub-network that is distinct from the general purpose campus network and engineered for research applications.

Data Rates Monthly FY'15 FY'16
IP Address Fee (CSF) $1.57 $1.56
Port Fees    
10Base-T $4.75* $4.75
100Bae-T $4.75 $4.75
1000Base-T $4.75 $4.75
10000Base-T $80.00 $80.00

Activation fees apply to all port activations. See:

*Limited availability. Ongoing monthly connectivity charges include a bandwidth surcharge to support increased costs associated with the campus backbone and external Internet. Additional installation fees may include fiber, additional optical components and contractor charges. Please contact ISC Client Care at to discuss associated costs for specific network environments.

Wireless Networks FY'15 FY'16
Access Point Installation $800* $800*
Access Point Suppirt & Port Fee $30.50 $30.50

*This is an estimate for budgeting purposes. Monthly support costs include equipment capitalization, hardware and software maintenance and staff support.


Rates for PennNet Phone will remain the same for FY’16.

For a complete description of telephony services and rates, see:

Call Center Services (ACD)

Rates for ACD will remain the same for FY’16.

For a complete description of Call Center Services (ACD) and rates, see: .

Email Services

Rates for email services will remain the same for FY’16.

For a complete description of email services and rates, see:

Penn Video Network (PVN)

PVN operates the campus cable television network and the Penn Video Productions group, which offers full Coursera production, as well as a range of other professional video services for the Penn community. PVN can also broadcast course-related content to academic buildings and student residences.

For additional information about PVN, see:

Video Rates (Monthly) FY'15 FY'16
PVN Outlet $21.50 $21.50

For a complete description of Penn Video Productions rates and available services, see:

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