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is an open source IM client and freely available from the project's site. The following instructions are written with Adium X 0.89.1. In all like lihood versions of Adium that are close to that one will work the same way, but there might be small differences with other versions. The following instructions also assume that AdiumX has been installed properly.

Configuring Adium X

Step 1

First open Adium X, and from the "Adium" menu choose "Preferences...". This should open a window similar to this:

Click on the "Accounts" button to make sure you are in that tab.

If there is already have an account that has your PennKey (name) and "" next to the light-bulb icon then you already have an account setup (like in the orange oval). Double click on your PennKey to modify the account. Otherwise click on the plus button to create a new account (green circle).

From the menu that it provides choose "Jabber"

Step 2

Once you are in your new account the window should look like this:

Under the "Account" tab fill in the Jabber ID with your PennKey (name) and "". Your PennKey is the also first part of your Penn email address. Note that this will always end with "" regardless of what the rest of your email address is.

For you password you need to use your PennKey Password. If you want to test your PennKey and Password to make sure you have them right, you can do so at the PennKey Tester.

You should also check the box to "automatically connect on launch" (green circle), so that Adium will connect to the Jabber server when you start it.

Step 3

Now click over into the "Personal" tab.

Here you can fill in the name you would like to appear as in other people's Jabber client (red oval). You can also choose the image you would like to use as your icon (green oval).

Step 4

Now click over into the "Options" tab.

You will need to make three changes here. First change the "Connect Server" (red oval) to read "". Then change the port to "5223" (orange oval). And finally check the box to "Force old-style SSL" (green circle).

Step 5

Now that we have all of the settings in place, we just have to connect to the UPenn Jabber server. Click on "OK" from the Options window to close the settings. That should bring you back to a window that looks like this:

Look for the entry with your PennKey and "" in it (orange oval), and make sure that the checkbox in front of it is checked (green circle). At the end of that row there should also be the word "Online". If any of this has not worked, please contact you Local Support Provider (LSP).

If this is all working, then it is time to start connecting to your coworkers who already have their Jabber accounts setup. To do this first close the preferences window. Then from the "Contact" menu choose "Add Contact...". A window like this should open:

Here you need to change four things:

  1. Change the "Contact Type" to "Jabber" (red oval).
  2. Put in the "Jabber ID" for the person you are trying to contact (green oval). This will be their PennKey (name) plus "".
  3. Put in an "Alias", a name that you would like the to appear in your contact list as (orange oval)
  4. And finally make sure that they appear in your contact list. To do that make sure that the box next to your account is checked in the "Add to Accounts" list is checked (purple circle).


You have now setup Adium X with your new Jabber account on the Penn Jabber Pilot server. you can now use this as another means to contact and keep in touch with your coworkers.

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