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ISC Finance: Completed Projects

ISC Division Programmer Start Date
Target Completion Date Brief Description Actual Completion Date
Telecom CM 8/2011 12/2012 Move goldfinger/Mysoft app to Virtual Machine on newer hardware. 7/19/2013 10/31/2011 - Dave said new vm will need a new ip address, which will require us to make some adjustments and contact Verizon.
11/16/2011 - Attempted the switch, but encountered problems. Emailed Compco to help with new plans which require us to do a new install.
11/30/2011 - Dave starting the new Mysoft install on the new vm.
2/10/2012 - VM setup and new mysoft install completed. Encountered problems with db upgrades and Chris is working with Compco.
7/5/2012 - So many problems with running costing on new vm. Did upgrade on leadfinger and found costing, at least of rejects worked.
8/28/2012 - Able to get call conversion working, but the Costing and Apply is experiencing the same problems on Leadfinger as it did on the new mysoft-prod server. Decided to document all work done to date on this project.
9/24/2012 - Sent documentation to David Dimm, Angela at Windstream.
11/5/2012 - Documented plan for rebuilding vm and starting new Mysoft install.
12/19/2012 - New VM is built, oracle client installed. Next step is for Dave to install Mysoft, Pervasive and Crystal.
3/14/2013 - All software installed. Conversion/Costing-ApplyCalls processes working. Now testing cygwin/perl and scheduling processes on vm
3/27/2013 - Resolved Costing issues, including trunk group problems that caused voip to be costed without the discount.
4/1/2013 - Ran test cycle on mysoft-prod2 and asked Dave Dimm to work with Verizon to test ftping of call files.
5/8/2013 - Emailed Verizon to test ftp of call files. Tested successfully with Alissa Breedy. Dave to go ahead and setup VM on new machine
5/29/2013 - Inquired about status.
6/3/2013 - Inquired about status. Dave was hoping to get to it soon.
6/5/2013 - Inquired about status. Dave said he found out he needed to update the new VM environment first.
6/20/2013 - Testing of new virtual environment completed. Once Dave returns from vaca, we will contact Verizon and to start sending call files here and redirect the db to production - this will be around July 8th.
Telecomm CM 3/10/2013 Move Devcom and Prodcom dbs to new shared RAC Cluster and consolidate into 1 db with other app schemas. 7/2/2013 3/10/2013 - Mtg with Tony White, Bryan, Reni and me to discuss feasibility of moving Mysoft dbs.
4/12/2013 - Began POC by copying devcom to new RAC Cluster. Telecom testing of application and all interfaces was then started. New scrip server was also setup to replace unity.
6/6/2013 - Official cutover of devcom and decommissioning of unity for Telecom.
6/27/2013 - Prep and setup on new prod scrip server completed
7/2/2013 - Official cutover of prodcom and decommissioning of harmony for Telecom.
Networking CM,JM 11/8/2012 Automate SMTP-Relay Billing into Twister 6/26/2013 Although Specification were written and submitted in November, work did not begin until June.
Telecom CM,PY 10/8/2012 12/31/2012 Update Mysoft bldg data and modify query of data feed into Upenn E911. This became an issue when we added #'s outside the PHIL operator area, i.e., Bryn Mawr->MONTCO 6/6/2013
Networking CM 6/22/2011 12/31/2011 Automate Third Level (L3) Domain Name Billing 1/23/2013 7/14 - Held kickoff mtg with Mark Wehrle and Dave Cohen.
8/18 - Mtg with Mark to review policy.
9/13 - Completed first review of L3 list from Dave. Provided MW with SAS report for his mtg with Brian D.
9/22 - Completed second review of checking against Asgs for active host, mx or cname records.
10/19- Not really getting cooperation from Schools/Centers. Have sent 2nd notices, but not sure how hard to push.
10/26- Mark sent draft of new Policy stmt. Mark said we would meet in November to review.
11/1/2012 - Decided to move forward with billing automation without the cleanup.
SEO CM,TH 9/1/2012 10/31/2012 Design, develop and implement billing in Twister for Penn Cloud Service 10/31/2012 7/23/2012 - Sent Tiffany email requesting information on service, charges and customers.
9/5/2012 - Completed draft of technical specs for interface and distributed.
9/6/2012 - Mtg held.
9/10/2012 - Updated and distributed final technical specs to include comments and decisions from meeting.
9/25/2012 - Rec'd sample files from Chris H.
10/18/2012- Completed scripts to validate and load transactions into billing db.
11/1/2012 - File rec'd and processed for October. Only 4 servers and they were all set to NonBillable.
Telecom CM 10/17/2012 10/31/2012 Create summary report of PNP Revenue by service and set type. (Requested by Geoff) 10/25/2012
Telecom CM 10/17/2012 10/31/2012 Create report of contact info from gl numbers currently getting charges for Centrex Service. (Requested by Dawn) 10/23/2012 Modified an existing report we had of CTX sets, added columns for MBS and Norstar sets as well as a count of CTX Lines. Second worksheet contains contact information by org
Telecom CM 7/5/2012 9/30/2012 Upgrade Telecom dbs to Oracle 11g 10/14/2012 This was requested by DB Admins. Mysoft is one of the few dbs that hasn't yet been upgraded. Now that our version of Mysoft app supports 11g, we need to do this upgrade.
10/6 - Tony White and group working on resolving some Perl issues before they do the upgrade on devcom.
11/17- Little progress made according to Tony - resource was busy with production issues.
1/10 - Tony's group ready to work on this. They setup new "test" server and began configuring it, but found that it required more work than expected. New approach is to just do the upgrades directly on Unity.
2/1 - Project on hold pending completing of the Mysoft "vm" project for production.
7/5 - Devcom upgrade done
7/23 - Waiting for Dave Dimm to upgrade Pervasive on Leadfinger so I can test costing.
9/12 - Completed testing of DEVCOM. PRODCOM will now be upgraded.
10/14- Prodcom upgrade done
Telecom CM 7/1/2012 9/17/2012 Setup billing in Mysoft for Communication Local Excise Tax at 3% for Direct Bill Customers. 9/20/2012 Completed for August billing cycle.
Telecom CM 8/2011 10/31/2012 PNP-Setup billing for Intercom Services via the PPS->Mysoft interface 8/15/2012 9/13 - Dawn put this on hold pending approval and completion of service offering. She'll let me know in October when they are ready to discuss billing.
9/16 - Dawn informed us this project is officially on hold.
7/5 - Project back on. Mtg scheduled 7/25 - Mtg postponed by Dawn until 8/15.
8/15 - Group decided it was not necessary to bring intercom data into Billing db since it would NEVER be a billable service.
Networking CM 7/1/2012 10/31/2012 Design, develop and implement billing in Twister for SLA's 8/15/2012 7/1/2012 - Mtg with Dave and Patty scheduled for 7/12/2012.
7/19/2012- Mtg with Geoff to get approval of proposed handling.
7/20/2012- Entered SLA's in Twister with new Rate Type.
Networking CM,DD,JB 5/2012 8/2012 Determine new billing model Network charges for FM Space customers. 7/23/2012 5/11/2012 - Rec'd email from Deifer.
7/3/2012 - Jeff Ballentine schedule mtg for 7/11.
Networking & Telecom CM 9/2011 6/4/2012 IRIS-Build new interface for IRIS->Twister and IRIS->Mysoft. IRIS is the Argis replacement. 6/19/2012 9/14 - Reni began scheduling mtgs to gather requirements.
9/22 - Shannon and I attended meeting to explain billing requirements and how the current interface with Argis works.
9/28 - Attempted to meet twice with Argis folks but they didn't show up.
10/26 - Emailed Reni/Bryan about project timetable and need for a mtg. Was told that they wouldn't be ready to discuss billing interface until February.
11/29 - Emailed Reni/Bryan proposal for new billing requirement to permit budget code updates in IRIS and develop a bulk upload function.
12/9 - Obtained approval for budget code/bulk change functionality in IRIS.
2/10 - Testing IRIS functionality. Waiting for sql from Bryan to extract active wallplates.
Networking & Telecom CM/SF 11/17/2011 6/30/2012 Obtain approval from FRES to simplify Billing processes for Fund 10 accounts 4/1/2012 12/7 - Completed proposal and Monir sending to Gary.
2/14 - Mtg scheduled with FRES to review details.
Networking CM 11/17/2011 3/31/2012 Work with Ops to determine how to handle new service Power Over Ethernet (PoE). 12/12/2011 11/14 - Spoke to Dave Deifer. He was going to talk to Mark and get back to me.
12/7 - Sent Dave a followup email.
Networking & Telecom CM 8/1/2011 10/31/2011 Automate Data Activations in OMS - Assist with Testing 11/30/2011 9/12 - Testing not being done by Ops. Dawn's deciding to go live anyway.
9/21 - Dawn went live with Production.
10/19- Debugging continues.
11/1 - New reports of bugs in data port spreadsheets.
Networking & Telecom CM 6/1/2011 12/31/2011 OMS-Automate One-Time charges through Twister for data activations/conversions. 11/8/2011
Telecom CM 6/1/2011 9/1/2011 Investigate the possibility of associating staff/fac names with Centrex #'s via Penn Community. (Requested by Dawn) 11/8/2011 6/21: Discussion with Lisa Campeau from DA. Worked on some queries. Lisa skeptical about getting usuable results for this since phone #'s from payroll aren't reliable and there are many different phone nbr records for fac/staff in Penn Community. Not always clear which one is the one you want.
9/14 - Completed query and sent Dawn test results for Law.
9/19 - Mtg scheduled with Helen for 9/26 to clarify requirements.
10/4 - Completed reporting script and sent report to Helen for comment.
11/8 - Heard back from Helen and installed in MYreports.
Telecom & Networking CM 9/26/2011 6/30/2012 Test feeders using alpha-characters. 11/1/2011 See Suzanne Burke's email from 7/14/2011.
9/29 - Encountered problems with validation. Waiting for DBA's to address/resolve it.
10/13- Notified that the issue was resolved and I can continue testing.
Telecom CM 3/2011 6/30/2011 Automate Transfer of Toll Calls and eliminate need for processing physical tape from Verizon. 5/11/2011 Getting toll calls from Tom H monthly now and Brenda enters them into Mysoft manually. Only 2-5 calls/month so it wasn't worth the effort to try and automate this. We did, however meet our goal of eliminating the processing of the tape.
PNP CM,SS 3/2011 7/1/2011 SIP Trunking: Modify call costing to handle PNP call records as they will result from this new way to route calls. 7/2011 - Project cancelled by MikeP
Telecom CM 9/20/2009 5/31/2010 Implement PPS->Mysoft Interface for PNP Services 3/2011 9/24: Initial mtg with Peggy and Chris Keating
10/5: Proposal sent to Peggy and Chris.
10/13:Approved by Deke and now waiting for Requirements to be completed by Criss & Peggy. Then they'll present to Dawn.
1/2010: Tomo to start working on project.
3/16: Tomo released test version of PPS GUI with changes for evaluation.
4/1: Chris completed testing of PPS GUI (scheduled to go live 4/18)
7/6: Interface scripts and testing in dev completed. Planning for Go Live date.
Networking CM 3/4/2010 7/31/2010 Listserv: Change billing model 10/2010 3/4/10: Mtg scheduled to discuss plans.
Telecom CM 6/17/2009 ? Billing Implementation of Argis Upgrade Upgrade Cancelled 1/17/2010: Sandy offered to help rewriting sql query. Sent him the current query.
3/31/2010: Modified query rec'd. Access granted. Testing began.
5/10/2010: Completed interface, but lacking sufficient daily activity in uapm at this time to thoroughly test.
Telecom/Networking CM 1/25/2010 9/30/2010 Migrate CC process from Paypal to Cybersource 10/2010 3/22: Brenda will start calling customers who haven't responded to the emails.
4/25: All cc information obtained and first charges submitted to CyberSource manually.
5/1: Will delay automation of process until Sept after servers move to KITE windows domain.
7/7: Kickoff mtg with Sandy. He will take over development of the automated interface.
ISC Finance CM 11/2009 6/2010 Analysis of Client Services Billing Process and recommendations to improve/automate where feasible. 7/2010 12/17: Focus Groups completed to date include SEO Support, SEO New Development, AIT Jim Cunningham, Projects Mike Kearney
2/8: Remaining Focus Groups and Interviews completed. Notes from each session getting distributed by Tess.
3/17: Final Report reviewed with Gary/Marion.
4/1: Mtg scheduled with Robin.
Telecom CM 6/17/2009 6/30/2010 Move Leadfinger and Goldfinger servers from Finance windows domain to Kite. 5/24/2010 2/22/2010: Requested by Andrew. Said we would schedule it before end of this FY.
3/31/2010: Approved by Monir to start immediately.
5/6/2010: Changes made to domain on Leadfinger and I began testing.
Network Billing CM 4/29/2010 5/10/2010 Work with SEO on testing of new "Capture and Replay" functionality available in Oracle 11g. 5/7/2010 3/18/2010: Requested by SEO
Telecom CM 3/20/2010 3/25/2010 Create new report of Telecom Billing for a previous period that uses the same format as the current All Voice Services rpt. 3/25/2010 3/17/2010: Requested by Dawn
Networking CM 3/22/2010 3/22/2010 Modify db_summary report to separate out SO's from Outlets. 3/22/2010 2/9/2010: Requested by Shannon.
Telecom CM 11/25/2009 11/30/2009 Textpac updates in Mysoft to area/exchange rates 12/11/2009
Telecom/Networking CM 1/29/2009 9/30/2009 Implement rate increase for Direct Bill Customers 10/12 1/29: Dave M requested data on types of Direct Bill Customers (non-profit,for-profit)
2/12: Provided DB report
6/18: Rec'd rates from Dave.
7/16: Notices sent to customers, telecom changes made.
10/5: Began work on changes for Networking.
Telecom/Networking CM 9/2008 6/30/2009 Creation of new Order Management System to replace Pennstar for PennNet Phone Requests 8/3/2009 Working with ASTT development team
4/3/09:Order Entry, Validation, Scheduling screens completed. Test system available.
4/27/09:Staging table available for billing. Started designing/coding billing interface.
8/3/09:System went LIVE despite my objections. I was subsequently removed from Project team and focused only on "protecting" Mysoft data. Manually ran completed OMS orders through billing interface after checking for budget code changes.
Telecom/Networking CM 3/27/2007 7/1/2009 (in time for June's Billing Cycle) Implement new VOIP Billing model for PennNet Phone Service 7/17/2009 1/22/09:Held mtg to review VOIP port billing
2/15/09:Mgmt questioning handling/billing of appearances.
3/19/09:Mike approved $1 fee for appearances.
7/13/09:Mysoft bulk data conversions completed.
Telecom/Networking CM 7/13/2009 7/31/2009 (in time for June's Billing Cycle) Update Telecom and Networking Rates for FY10 7/17/2009
Networking CM,EC 8/28/2008 6/30/2009 Setup Forward-Only billing mechanism in Twister for Email Service 7/9/2009 11/26/09:Made necessary changes to db and java script in Development.
4/2/09:Networking would like this ready in May. Will start billing for May and June at rate of $0. Gives customers a chance to request the forward-only accounts be deleted before actual charges start in July.
4/29/09:Rec'd ok to make email changes in Production. Will do after April charges are run on May 1st.
5/4/09: Changes completed and rate set to $0
7/8/09: Rate set to $1.50 to start billing as of July 1.
Networking CM 2/11/2009 7/31/2009 Eliminate Email Volume Discounts 7/8/2009 May need to phase out certain schools, like MED.
3/23/09:Adam confirmed that Med is only school that will need special handling for FY10 to receive partial discount.
3/24/09:Will add code to datachecker that reports on how much credit is due to Med.
4/2/09:Completed changes to datachecker script.
4/14/09:Completed changes and tested billing script.
Telecom CM 4/28/2009 5/13/2009 Provide functionality in Mysoft to handle Lawson Account #'s when billing via the Interfund. 5/13/2009 Need to modify feeder file, Data Warehouse View, Account Validator, etc.
Networking CM/SS 4/1/2009 6/30/2009 Twister Migration from Websec->CoSign (new authentication service) 4/15/2009 3/24/09:Lila registered TwisterTest and Sonny rec'd code to install
4/2/09:Cosign working now for Test.
Telecom CM 3/23/2009 4/3/2009 Modify Housing Feed to obtain Pennkey in addition to PennID 4/3/2009 Changes related to changing authentication from websec->cosign for system that allows students to get their pac online.
Telecom CM 12/1/2008 1/31/2009 Mysoft Upgrade 6.11.129 -> 6.11.187 3/21/2009 Production scheduled for 3/21/2009
Telecom CM 11/6/2001 on-hold Cleanup Admin Auth Codes
Telecom SS,CM 3/8/2002 on-going Location Verification for Admin Extensions
Networking CM 11/1/2008 12/31/2008 Develop new process to rpt Networking Stats 12/1/2008 First run will take place on 12/1.
Networking AD,CM 3/1/2008 8/31/2008 Twister migration to new hardware and Linux os 10/29/2008 11/1:Attended preliminary planning mtg w/SEO, Data Admin, Dan Shapiro. Waiting for Cost proposals.
11/12: Rec'd analysis for Struts upgrade from Avik
11/27: Chris emailed Elaine about scheduling next mtg?
12/20: Chris emailed Elaine again about scheduling next mtg?
1/15: Monir emailed Elaine,Bill
1/31: Followup mtg - waiting for final set of estimates from Bill.
3/6: Rec'd final estimate and decided on standalone option w/o SAN. Waiting for SLA from Bill's group.
4/28: Rec'd SLA
5/13: Project Kickoff Mtg
6/2: Hardware rec'd
6/25: OS installed - 3 wks behind schedule
7/7: Servers ready for app
9/11: Plan for Production deployment - scheduled for Wed, 10/29.
Networking CM 5/1/2008 9/30/2008 Automate Listsrv Billing <10/22/2008
Telecom CM 3/6/2008 8/2008 Relocate Student Telephone Statements from PennInTouch to Student Portal 8/28/2008 3/6: Mtg with Dan Shapiro and Isobel to plan and schedule
4/16: Mtg with Lisa Waring and Charles Harvey to review query and data
6/6: Gave my signoff.
8/28: Gave approval for location of link on Student Portal.
Telecom CM,SM,AW 3/18/2008 6/30/2008 Create Business Objects Universe for Mysoft 7/31/2008
Telecom CM 2/7/2008 2/15/2008 Resolve issues with billing for conf calls, direct-dialled calls, operator handled calls (OHS), etc. on ATT tape. 7/31/2008 4/11/07 - Monir and Dave will pursue work with customers to change their carrier
2/8/2008 - Mtg to review issues
2/13/2008 - Worked with Sandy to modify scripts.
3/19/2008 - Completed changes in Mysoft to setup new carrier type for OHS calls.
6/6/2008 - Calls mostly from 2 Wharton lines setup as NCOS11 -
Telecom 9/2003 6/30/2008 Outlet Reconciliation in preparation for setting up live interface with Argis 7/3/2008 Reni maintaining status
7/2/2008: 107.9% of ports reconciled.
Telecom Chris 6/9/2008 6/9/2008 Rejected calls with drop code -1 "Invalid user Info/Number" 7/3/2008 Found phone numbers that belong to HUP/UPHS. Requested that Tom contact Verizon to get these numbers out of our switch files. Tom will also followup to see what if anything we have been charged for the 3 lines and related usage. Affecting about 2000 calls.
7/2/2008: Waiting for Geoff to verify we're not getting charged and Verizon to stop sending calls in our switch files
7/3/2008: Geoff relied on Tom stating that Verizon says they are not billing us. I deleted all rejected calls for these #'s.
Telecom Chris 3/10/2008 3/10/2008 Rejected calls with drop code 4 "Drop/Rej Less Than Duration" 7/7/2008 3/10 - Sandy found that all these were VOIP and transfers. Steve and Sandy are investigating.
6/10 - Raised this issue with Sandy again - Have 12K calls in rejects from 7/2007 through 5/2008 - growing at a rate of about 1500/month
6/19 - We deleted existing rejects of this type and adding a new filter to only pick up call records with all "legs" of the call being successful. Sandy also discussed issues with the entire VOIP call accounting/costing process with both Dawn and Chris Keating. New logs of SER and ACD PRI call errors being emailed and I'm charting them in Excel for analysis.
Telecom Chris 6/20/2008 6/20/2008 Czech Republic - no billing since 3/2007 6/26/2008 Change to country code was made when Czechloslavakia changed to Czech Republic caused all calls to be rejected. Worked with Compco to patch this bug until Teletech can fix it.
Telecom Chris 6/10/2008 TOP PRIORITY Mexico Calls - (underbilling for MOBILE) 6/18/2008 We're charging a flat rate of $.28/minute for all Mexico calls, but Paetec is billing us .59/minute for MOBILE. Identified MOBILE area/exchange from Paetec Invoice as any starting with 521. Worked with Compco to setup costing at higher rate of .83 (includes 40% markup), using SPECIAL NUMBER record. Tested and deployment in Production prior to costing was started for June usage.
Telecom CM 3/13/2008 6/30/2008 Modifications to Student Address Info/Format in SRFS and Housing 6/17/2008 3/13 - Rec'd email from Sandy and sent inquiry to Lisa Campeau
4/3: Per Lisa Campeau, the room # will remain and the mailbox # will be moved to its own field. Changes to be made 6/10/2008.
4/23: Completed Impact study.
4/29: Wrapup Mtg at SRFS
6/10: Date scheduled to deploy changes in Production
Telecom CM 10/2/2007 6/30/2008 Remove Allocation Process and adjust rates for Admin and DB customers? 2/13/2007-Waiting for Marilyn to decide if we should go ahead with this.
4/25:Hold until FY09. Consult with Mike in Nov,2007 to determine if any announcement should be made.
10/2:Monir to email Mikep.
1/8: Chris drafted Announcement to Admins
1/14:Chris sent Announcements
Telecom,Networking CM 4/15/2008 6/15/2008 PCI Compliance Certification 5/28/2008
Telecom SS,CM 4/21/2008 4/30/2008 Correct costing of Paetec Pic'd lines (WXPN) 5/1/2008
Telecom CM 3/1/2008 4/18/2008 Create complete test environment for Telecom Downloads and Call Costing on Leadfinger 4/15/2008 4/1: downloads for voip and acd now running daily in test
4/28: completed first round of costing runs in test
Service Orders (SOI) CM 6/1/2006 12/31/2008 Participate in project to develop new SO system and interface with Billing systems. 4/18/2008 11/29/2006: Phase Gate mtg with Mike
5 Yr Cost Analysis Requested
2/14/2006:Kickoff mtg w/Compco
2/27:Planning mtg w/SEO
4/24-4/25:Compco Site visit
7/25-8/15:Test Pilot - Cancelled
9/21:CM Provided CnacOrg extract from DW
4/18:Compco notified that project is being shutdown.
Telecom/Networking CM,SS,MN 1/16/2008 3/31/2008 Setup call costing/billing for ACDs 5/19/2008 Billing completed for usage from 2/28 through 4/30 at standard Centrex rates in the April cycle
Telecom CM 2/1/2008 4/30/2008 Complete SPIA (Security and Privacy Impact Assessment) for Mysoft 3/20/2008 2/4:Completed and ready for review w/Monir and Gary
2/20:Submitted Inventory to Jim Cunningham. Need Exec Summary.
3/6:Submitted Assessment and Exec Summary to Gary for review and signoff.
SEO CM 11/8/2006 12/15/2007 Automate Billing for SEO's new Backup Service, BackItUp. 3/24/2008 4/2007 - Need to modify specs to address multiple service levels - Gold/Silver?
Med Sch coming on board in July?
9/25:Want to split Rev 20%-80% to different gls,but only have customer get single charge.
9/28:Nicole sched mtg for 10/9
1/16:Completed Billing and Reporting for December
3/10:Scheduled Ben Reports deployment for 3/20-3/24
Networking CM 10/19/2007 Setup billing for new MS Exchange Server, Wireless PDA sync and Forward Only Email services. 10/28/2007 3/14:waiting on mtg with Peggy
3/28:Not planning on starting this until September according to Peggy
6/26:Will not do manual billing but rather retroactive billing to July when the automated process is ready. Eric to send announcement to BA's
Deployment scheduled for 10/21/2007
Telecom/Networking CM 5/10/2007 7/31/2007 Increase Rates for all Direct Bill customers by 20% (excluding telecom usage) 10/2/2007 5/10: Completed impact analysis using 10%
9/4: Approval given to proceed using 20% for "Non-exempt" customers for Telecom recurring chgs only as of 11/1. Reni to draft announcement.
9/7: Notice sent by Chris
9/13: Waiting to resolve Cable Pairs/Circuit Maint charges. List sent to Reni.
10/1: Reni discussed w/Tom H, who recommended these charges be stopped.
Networking CM 3/13/2007 7/15/2007 Design/Implement new CS Billing model 9/5/2007 8/16 - Completed July cycle
Telecom ADR,CM 7/31/2007 Oracle upgrade from 9i to 10gR2 for Mysoft (includes Perl recompilation) 8/20/2007 6/4 - Devcom upgraded, testing underway
Perl(ok), DataChecker(ok), Mission(ok), Costing(ok), Housing(ok), HICCUPS(ok), Allocation, Cycle(ok), MISSion(ok), Credit Card Process, 511 Upload(ok), Authcode Upload(ok), Semester Line Fee(ok), Import process(ok), Myreports(ok), DB Charge Import(ok), AdminStats(ok)
Upgrade scheduled for 8/19
Networking ADR,CM 12/12/2006 7/31/2007 Oracle upgrade from 9i to 10gR2 for Twister (includes Perl recompilation) 7/22/2007 5/23 - MIDAST upgraded
6/4 - Testing completed, awaiting MIDAS upgrade on 7/21
Networking CM,RR 12/12/2006 6/30/2007 Reconcile and Load Resnet Outlets into Twister 7/5/2007 Reni maintaining status
7/5/2007: 104% of ports reconciled.
Telecom SS,DM 8/25/2006 6/30/2007 Revise ISDN call rates 7/11/2007
Telecom ADR 7/31/2007 Adjustment for 50% drop in Iphone usage rates. 6/20/2007 5/17/2007-Avik's analysis can be found here.
6/1 - Tested in devcom, needs implementation for June cycle (done in July)
Telecom ADR 6/1/2006 2/28/2007 Design new Purge/Archive process for students and admin data 5/30/2007
Telecom ADR 5/23/2007 5/23/2007 Create Security Report in Myreports 5/23/2007
Telecom ADR,CM 5/1/2007 5/25/2007 Mysoft Upgrade to 6.11.129 5/25/2007
Telecom ADR 1/22/2007 3/31/2007 Implement international mobile rates in costing 4/25/2007 3/28/2007-Email Announcement sent.
Telecom ADR 4/26/2007 5/2/2007 Convert Mysoft Post Cycle reports to Perl/MISSion 5/2/2007 8 reports need to be formatted in Excel
Networking SS,CM 11/16/2005 3/1/2007 Develop Interface between Argis and Billing for Outlets 4/30/2007 11/8/2006 - Moving forward again with Reni.
2/13/2007 - Will only be implemented for "reconciled" buildings.
3/13/2007 - Ready for Deployment pending resolution of deactivation problem.
4/30/2007 - Target for Deployment
SEO ADR 11/10/2006 2/28/2007 Ben Reports for mainframe billing 3/27/2007
Telecom ADR,CM,SS 2/1/2007 3/16/2007 Modify Admin Local Call processing 3/6/2007
Telecom CM 3/1/2007 3/13/2007 Remove SSN from Mysoft 3/13/2007
Networking CM,JP,AM 12/12/2006 1/31/2007 Setup Midas Business Objects Universe to access Twister data 1/19/2007
Telecom ADR 10/1/2006 12/31/2006 Mysoft upgrade to 6.11 (new architecture) 1/31/2007
Telecom CM/AM/ADR 1/1/2005 10/1/2005 Add Telecom charge detail to the warehouse and make accessible via BenReports 12/24/2006 Final task to discontinue emailing of statements - 12/2006 target
Networking CM 11/1/2006 11/8/2006 Create 1 new report showing service cnts by CNAC 11/8/2006 Report being added to Spinner.
Networking CM 11/1/2006 11/8/2006 Create 2 new reports for IPs showing breakdown by CNAC and UseType 11/8/2006 Reports being added to Spinner.
Telecom ADR 10/24/2006 10/31/2006 Create a report to provide International usage by country 10/31/2006
Networking CM 10/19/2006 11/8/2006 Modify nonbillable and net ips to become billable as of 10/1/2006 11/8/2006 RULES:Only ISC can have "gen" ips that are nonbillable and only ISC, SAS and SEAS can have "net" ips that are nonbillable.
10/24 Sent email to Mark Wehrle re WSF and HNTAP.
Telecom ADR 6/1/2006 7/31/2006 Iphone Comparison/Projection Report 10/2/2006 Report added to MYreports
Telecom ADR 9/1/2006 9/15/2006 Update teletech rate tables in Mysoft 9/15/2006
Networking/Telecom ADR 4/2006 10/31/2006 Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Compliance 9/7/2006
Telecom ADR 8/1/2006 8/11/2006 Assume responsibility for and document 511 feed 8/11/2006
Networking ADR 4/2006 10/31/2006 Migrate from Oracle 9iAS to Tomcat for Twister 8/28/2006
Telecom MS,CM,SS,ADR 2/7/2006 9/1/2006 Convert to Semester Billing for Students 8/15/2006 This project will include the monitoring of routine tasks associated with Movein.
Networking CM,ADR 10/4/2005 6/30/2006 Complete Twister Reporting Module 7/26/2006 -Add functionality to handle date ranges.
To Chris for testing - 6/5/2006
Deployed on Falcon - 7/5/2006
Cleanup and addition of more parameters started (project scope expanded slightly with this task)- 7/11/2006
Final testing completed for deployment to production - 7/19/2006
Production ReDeployment by Charles scheduled - 7/25/2006
Telecom ADR 7/1/2006 7/31/2006 Leadfinger (Spridle replacement)- replicate production environment 7/11/2006 Windows, Oracle, Perl, DBI, DBD, CYGWin, DataJunction, Mysoft installed, configured and all costing and cycle scripts modified
Telecom ADR 6/1/2006 7/15/2006 Iphone Revenue Reports 7/11/2006 2 new crystal rpts.
Telecom ADR 4/26/2006 6/30/2006 Investigate identifying calls to International Cell phones. 6/27/2006 Analysis completed 6/30/2006. Geoff handling rate changes.
Telecom ADR 4/26/2006 6/30/2006 Assume responsibility for and document current Archive process for students 6/21/2006 Automated and integrated post-cycle processes 1)student archive 2)call purge 3)costing kickoff
Documetation is here
Telecom ADR 6/1/2006 6/30/2006 Investigate automating the shutdown of the Mysoft web site Friday night before cycle 6/19/2006 Automated IP-based site access rather than shutdown
Networking CM 10/2005 6/30/2006 Automate Web Services 5/24/2006
Telecom ADR 5/10/2006 5/24/2006 Circuit Report 5/19/2006
Telecom ADR 5/1/2006 5/31/2006 VOIP Detail Report - Create and add to MISSion 5/18/2006 5/12 - Automated version completed
Telecom SS,ADR 4/26/2006 5/19/2006 Assume responsibility for Generating/Emailing Admin stmts, continuing until Dec, 2006. 5/15/2006
Telecom ADR 4/26/2006 5/9/2006 MoveOut - Understand and document the process. 5/10/2006
Telecom ADR 4/26/2006 5/24/2006 Test existing credit card feed to new server at Paymentech 5/10/2006
Telecom ADR 4/26/2006 5/12/2006 Fix minor error handler bug in MISSion for Cycle Announcements 5/2/2006 Chris completed
Telecom ADR 4/26/2006 5/24/2006 Complete minor modifications to iPhone pilot termination email. 5/1/2006
Telecom/Networking CM 10/2005 4/2006 Automate Direct Bill Statements 2/21/2006
Telecom SS/ADR 9/2005 3/31/2006 Automate Cycle 2/4/2006
Telecom ADR 10/2005 12/10/2005 Mysoft Upgrade 12/10/2005
Telecom SS/ADR 9/2005 12/31/2005 Automate Costing 11/8/2005
Telecom ADR/SS 8/2005 10/31/2005 VoIP Costing for Pilot 11/8/2005 Includes reporting requirements.
Networking CM,MW 6/2004 6/2005 Greeknet IP/Outlet cleanup and decoupling 9/13/2005 Completed in time for the August, 2005 billing cycle.
Telecom SS 6/29/2005 9/1/2005 New Student Rate and Call Costing Procedures 9/13/2005
Networking CM 6/1/2004 7/1/2005 Incorporate Budget Code into Assignments 8/30/2005
Networking CM,SS 10/4/2004 6/30/2006 Twister implementation/bug fixes 5/2005
Telecom SS 10/1/2004 1/31/2005 Upgrade Mysoft(includes software upgrade, Crystal reports os upgrade and hardware) to 6.07
Completed mysoft/Crystal upgrade - 12/30/04
Telecom CM 9/23/2004 10/18/2004 Write new extract program to be run against the new RMS database. Only learned about this new system going live on 9/23! 11/16/2004
Networking CM,SS 3/10/2002 6/30/2004 New billing system to replace isc_billing 7/12/2004
Networking CM 9/1/2003 11/1/2003 Changes for Email Billing 11/1/2003
Finance/Telecom CM 5/20/2003 1/31/2004 Computing Web Upgrade bring pages into compliance with new computing web

Telecom CM 5/20/2003 7/1/2004 Develop/implement process to id and eliminate charges for graduated students (Don Manigly/Collections Issue-SFS) 1/1/2004
Telecom CM 8/1/2003 Resolve room # discrepancies between Housing, OFSA and STS for Greek Houses 8/1/2003
Telecom SS 1/29/2003 3/31/2003 MoveOut: Automate On-Campus Student Extensions by allowing students to register extended stays electronically via the web and then processing those requests against Mysoft. 4/18/2003
Telecom SS 1/29/2003 3/31/2003 MoveOut: Automate Off-Campus Student Moveouts by allowing students to submit “Cancellation of Service” requests via the web and then processing those requests against Mysoft. 4/18/2003
Telecom SS 12/17/2002 1/28/2003 Complete automation of Voicemail Activation/Deactivation for ALL Students 2/4/2003
Telecom SS,MS 12/15/2002 Verify Tax Compliance 12/15/2002
Telecom SS 2/10/2002 9/30/2002 Automate VoiceMail signups for OnCampus students 12/1/2002
Telecom CM,SS 11/1/2001 7/1/2002 Combine Direct Bills, proceduralize and automate Credit Card interface. 11/1/2002
Video CM,CC 12/5/2001 8/15/2002 Video Port Billing 8/15/2002
Telecom SS 7/1/2002 Correct Calling Card Problem 7/1/2002
Video SS,CC 3/19/2002 2/1/2002 Premium Channel Billing 3/19/2002
Telecom SS,CM 3/18/2002 5/14/2002 Plan for Student Move Out Process 5/24/2002
Telecom CM,SS 2/20/2002 5/15/2002 Support Credit Transactions in Mysoft 5/23/2002
Networking Chris M 5/8/2001 Change Email Bulkload program for Penn Community project to stop adding DG records to Penncard. 11/21/2001
Networking Chris M 9/1/2001 10/5/2001 Merge Email Billing for pobox and dolphin 10/24/2001

Hot Issues

CM 5/20/2010 Changes to Common Line Feed to zero-out phone numbers. Needs to be done by 6/10. Working with Doreen in Housing.
Chris 3/10/2009 Rate Changes for 10bt/100bt Effective 3/1/2009 Check for impacts on SAS over-rides
Chris 1/22/2009 Email Billing Changes - based on Security classification vs actual usage Mtg with Adam 1/29
Changed their mind. Will just provide reports with no billing impact. 2/11
Chris 11/13/2008 Test BIU file after new rating tiers are implemented Waiting for test file
Chris 11/17/2008 Implement new procedures for BEN feeder files using Depot server Working with Rosey Nissley
Avik/Steve Blair 7/11/2006 Iphone call accounting problems. Determine why certain calls are missing either the BYE or the INVITE record which makes them unable to be costed. 7/11/2006 Avik reported that problem notified to iPhone team since September had grown significantly and no resolution since May after Steve was notified of problem growth
7/12/2006 Met with Steve Blair and set forth a test plan to identify causes.
7/15/2006 Avik provided test results for Steve to analyze from Round 1 tests.
7/31/2006 Steve, Sandy and Avik agreed to use gateway data for billing instead of proxy
8/16/2006 Steve said to use gateway data from 9/1 - code, database and download scripts need modification/setup
9/11/2006 New process to use gateway logs completed
9/12/2006 Discovered proxy logs missing INVITEs for outbound off-campus calls so used gateway data from 8/9
Chris/Dave Mongeluzzi 6/1/2006 Need Verizon to fix problem w/ncos 32 that allows calls outside the local/metro area to be made as "free" calls. Approx $900 from Sep 06 through May 06. 6/1/2006 Chris reported initially to Sandy who reported to Barb at Verizon along with sample call data
7/5/2006 Escalated to Dave M who emails Verizon weekly and is also asking for credit.
9/13/2006 Sandy explained that according to Verizon, these area/exchanges are within the local/metro area and we reported it incorrectly because the Mysoft tables are out-of-date.
9/15 Sandy/Avik updated the tables with data from Teletech. Should no longer appear as a problem.
Avik/Chris 12/12/2006 Vista compatibility testing for Mysoft & Twister 12/12/2006 - Avik finished Mysoft testing
12/19/2006 - Chris finished Twister testing.
Chris/Mark Wehrle 6/1/2006 Resolution of problem with underbilling the wireless ports. 6/28/2006 Impact analysis done and sent to Mark.
7/18 Met with Mark and was told to proceed with rate changes and to correct billing of air-sas.
7/26 Wireless ports in Twister adjusted to proper rate. Proceeding with reconciliation with Argis. Identified number of ports not setup in Argis as Wireless because the AP's are not connected via wallplates. Need to create "dummy" wallplates to address this type of situation.
8/29 Suggested creating new rate type for Wireless/Sas that's 10bt and waiting for another wireless dump from Adrian.
2/13/2007 Issue being addressed via the Rate Exception Table and through the individual reconciliation processes.
Avik 2/13/2007 Mysoft Performance Since the upgrade to 6.11 was done on 1/29, a general slowness has been reported by ISC Finance staff.
2/27/2007 Avik reported that Compco is just starting to work on this problem, but it will most likely require us to do another upgrade if they identify the problem and fix it.
3/26/2007 Compco gets copy of our db
5/8/2007 Upgraded test to 6.11.129
5/25/2007 Upgraded prod to 6.11.129 which resolved performance issues.
Avik 11/14/2006 Automate iPhone costing 11/14/2006 - Avik automated first part of iPhone costing but the second part has been difficult to automate. Also weekly automation has been completed but suspended until the second part is successfully automated. Waiting for Mysoft upgrade to be completed in test before testing this
10/24/2007 - CM Successfully ran iPhone costing as part of post-cycle script.
Avik 3/26/2007 Call Conversion problem with truncating seconds from time of call 3/26 - Avik ran test and sent test data to Compco.
4/9 - Compco requested record layout for our DMS100 call data so they can offer a quote for the work
4/27 - Avik faxes layout to Angela
4/30 - Compco opened TT#10076 to get a quote for this work. 10/8 - Compco fixed and sent new conversion files. Avik will test them on devcom.
10/15 - Deployed in Production.
Chris 3/10/2008 Rejected calls with drop code -4 "Invalid Terminating Area/Exchange" (13K) 3/13 - Tele-tech imports haven't been done for 1 year. Need to do this now.
4/6 - Completed.
Avik 3/21/2007 Mysoft Cycle processing hit memory threshold running for students 3/23 - Avik ran test and sent test data to Compco.
4/10 - Compco opened TT#10010 for this problem.
8/2008 - Should be resolved once we upgrade Mysoft.
Chris 7/29/2008 Cleanup of Conf Service and Housing Staff lines in Mysoft Negotiations between me, Dave Mongeluzi and Joan Bullock, Carl Mackey and John Rossley.
8/25 - Completed data cleanup/setup in Mysoft for several hundred lines.
Chris 8/25/2008 Daily Pennsylvanian Confirm Tax Status and then modify equip/svcs records if necessary. Not billing at the higher rate that was implemented in Nov, 2007.
9/2 - Notified customer of rate change effective 10/1/2008 and updated Mysoft.
Chris 8/18/2008 ACD - no outgoing calls? Since making configuration changes, we have not seen any outgoing in the call logs.
9/9 - Rec'd call logs and costed all of August calls. Total of ~$400.
Chris 8/13/2008 Descrepancy in counts of Resnet-wireless aps 8/15 - Sent details to Dave, Joe, Mark, Jeff
Chris 8/13/2008 Descrepancy in counts of Pennnet-wireless aps
Chris 11/11/2008 Resolve WAL265 Outlet Billing Modified start bill dts to 3/1/2009 (1/22/09)
Modified start bill dts to 7/1/2009 (3/23/09)
Rec'd validated wallplate list from Dave with billing depts (5/5/09)
Completed assignment of budget codes in Twister. (7/31/09)

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