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Project Twister (ISC Billing)

Reported Problems and Enhancements Log

Entry # Reported Date Reported By Type Priority Description Status Closed Date
40 1/16/2007 Chris BUG HIGH System allows you to actually DELETE a SO that has already been cycled. VERY BAD!
39 1/16/2007 Chris BUG HIGH System allows you to edit a SO that has already been cycled. VERY BAD!
38 8/29/2006 Avik BUG LOW Error when attempting to Delete an Account that was never used.
37 9/21/2005 Joel ENH LOW Add Bldg to the searchable fields for SO's. Completed 11/11/2005
36 6/7/2005 Chris BUG LOW Cancel button and appearance of budgetcode search list in iframe on the UpdateDetail screens is different depending on whether you use Netscape 7.2 or IE. Works correctly in IE, but not in Netscape.
35 2/24/2005 Joel BUG LOW finstf in lowercase for role for shannon provided only viewer access.
34 12/15/2004 Joel BUG HIGH AccountType not displaying properly in the Update Account Detail screen. This was reported before (see #9) and fixed. What happened? Fixed 5/31/2005
33 12/10/2004 Sandy MAINT LOW Reorganize JSP's Completed 5/31/2005
32 11/9/2004 Chris ENH HIGH Add search by Usetype in IPs Completed 5/31/2005
31 10/27/2004 Chris ENH HIGH Add new read-only field on all three "Update Detail" screens to show the Account/Org Name. Completed 5/31/2005
30 10/12/2004 Chris ENH MED Add new read-only "audit" field at bottom of "Update IP Detail" screen to show the asgsuser. Completed 5/31/2005
29 10/12/2004 Chris ENH MED Add searches by contact in IPs. Done. 11/22/2004
28 9/28/2004 Chris ENH MED Add searches by so and project nbrs in Outlets. Make searches check both the activation and deactivation fields. Done. 11/22/2004
27 9/28/2004 Chris ENH HIGH Make SO and IP modules available to "VIEWER" type users in Read-Only format Done. 11/22/2004
26 9/14/2004 Chris BUG HIGH Inserts and Updates in Service Orders for Direct Bill accounts not working. The screens allow you to set the budget code to 0's and then pick the correct DB#, but the actual insert and updates are still setting the acct id to 'ADMIN'. This was discovered in the Service Order module but is probably working incorrectly across other modules as well. We'll catch it in the data checker. The account id must then be changed through Toad until this is fixed. Fixed 9/14/2004
25 9/14/2004 Chris BUG MED Search by Account Name not working in Accounts Fixed 9/14/2004
24 9/7/2004 Chris MAINT MED Add format reminder for all date searches. Format must be mm/dd/yyyy. Completed 5/31/2005
23 8/18/2004 Dave MAINT MED Add devicetype as a search option to the IP searches. Done. 9/3/2004
22 8/18/2004 Chris BUG HIGH In Outlets, searches by a date range do not work properly. They return all records. Done. 11/22/2004
21 8/18/2004 Dave BUG HIGH Determine why certain dates (i.e., year 0004) is not being flagged by the validator as invalid. Set range for all dates not to be before 1900 9/3/2004
20 8/17/2004 Dave ENH LOW Design Project module: create a Project Invoices, Handle fund 10 billing/tracking. Moved to "Finance Projects" page
19 8/16/2004 Dave ENH HIGH Ability to specify deactivation service order # when setting stop bill dates via the bulk update operation. Proposed solution is to add deactsonbr and deactprojectnbr to the choices for bulk updates. Users will need to do 2 bulk updates in this situation, updating the deactsonbr or deactproject nbr first and then the stop billdate. 9/3/2004
17 8/9/2004 Dave ENH MED Provide ability to do bulk changes to budget codes for email service records as long as the budget code uses the same org. Cannot change the org except through Acctmgmt.
16 7/30/2004 Dave ENH LOW Add comment feature to service records. Probably would want to allow multiple comments.
15 7/30/2004 Chris MAINT MED Enlarge description field on transactions screen and in transaction tables. Add description as a search option on the Edit/Browse Transactions screen. Increase size from 50 to 100. Completed 9/3/2004, but missed doing the field in the "Search by Description" 11/22/2004
14 7/27/2004 Chris MAINT HIGH Change logic for Asgs->Billing interface as it relates to budget codes when a RENAME is done. Will need to get budget code from the record being closed and use that on the new record rather than letting it run through the rules process. Sending daily log to Joel to check billing on the ips that get RENAMED. 11/16/2004
13 7/27/2004 Joel BUG MED If you try to use an apostrophe in the Requestor field in the SO screen as in Maria O'Callaghan it will not work and you get a null message. This would also need to be fixed in the Transaction screen. Fixed. 8/13/2004
12 7/26/2004 Chris ENH MED Add "NonBillable" to search criteria for ALL 3 Services. Completed 11/11/2005
11 7/20/2004 Joel MAINT MED Add deactivated dt for Accounts to Update Accounts Screen. Also add Status flag to search results. Decide on rules for when an account cannot be deactivated. Check rest of code to make sure deactivated accounts can't be used (all services, account rules, email groups, etc).
10 7/20/2004 Joel BUG MED Add error message for batch update limit of 100 records at a time for all services. Done. 7/21/2004
9 7/20/2004 Chris BUG MED Account Type not displaying properly in the Update Account Detail screen. Can fix by putting a trim on the accounttype column in the select statement and changing the object definition in Oracle. 8/3/2004
8 7/19/2004 Dave MAINT MED Change label on Add and Update SO screens and the Search Results list from SO date to Completed Date. Done. 7/21/2004
7 7/19/2004 Chris ENH MED Batch Update feature needs to be added to Service Order Module. The only update field will be budget code.
6 7/19/2004 Chris BUG HIGH SO# is getting truncated on the Search SO results screen at the hyphen. Fixed. 7/21/2004
5 7/19/2004 Chris MAINT LOW Change label GL to Budget Code on Update Field of the Batch Update Screen for Outlets and IPs. Fixed on the IPs listing - 7/21/2004. Fixed completely. 8/3/2004
4 7/19/2004 Chris ENH HIGH Need access to details of a service record from the transaction listing screen if the transaction is a recurring one. We talked about just adding a button or link to put you into the applicable Update screen. This should be done by mid to late August to help staff respond appropriately to customer billing inquiries. Can't do - no way to link. Once transaction is created, it is separate from the original service record and stands on its own. 8/17/2004
3 7/19/2004 Chris ENH HIGH From the applicable Update screen, need to have access to transactions for that particular service record. Try showing transactions in an iframe at bottom of the Update screen - in a read-only table
2 7/19/2004 Chris ENH HIGH Add new search by option to Transactions - Search By item where item can be an email login, an ip, or an outlet id. Done. 9/3/2004
1 7/19/2004 Chris ENH MED On the Update Accounts screen, include counts of the applicable open services currently being charged to that account. Also include counts of that budget code used in AccountRules and EmailGroups tables. Done 11/22/2004


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