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ISC Finance: Projects List (Completed Projects)

Top Priority

ISC Division Programmer Start Date
Expected Completion Date Brief Description Comments

Other Work in Progress

ISC Division Programmer Start Date
Expected Completion Dt Brief Description Comments
Dawn,NCCS CM,TH 2/1/2013 Reconcile Norstar System Charges 2/4 - Provided Dawn the report she requested of System and Set charges for Norstars. About 327 charge records for approx total of $9600.
3/3 - Sent Dawn/Tom list of Norstar System Only Charges that remain in Mysoft. Tom said he would get back to me with ones that could be stopped. About 100 system charges still billing for a total of $8100/month.
Dawn,NCCS CM,TH 1/31/2013 FAX Line Analysis 1/31 - Dawn requested report of fax lines in Mysoft and their usage so they could estimate pricing for offering a cloud-based fax service.
2/1 - Chris explained to Tom that fax lines may not be accurately tagged in Mysoft and that the first step should be reconciliation against Tom's list of fax lines. Chris generated a report of phone numbers in Mysoft labeled as "Fax Lines" and sent it to Tom to verify. There were 1054. Tom decided they didn't want to do the reconciliation first.
2/6 - Chris provided usage data for 9/12, 10/12 and 1/13 for all lines in Mysoft labeled as fax lines and sent it to NCCS.
Telecom CM 9/12/2012 10/19/2012 Develop new nightly process to stop billing for PNP sets in Mysoft. 10/1 - Installed but just with reporting. Emails being sent to CM.
10/18- Brenda now manually stopping sets in Mysoft daily.
TSS CM 7/21/2011 12/31/2012 SRB-Automate billing for Secure Remote Backup. 8/16 - Waiting for modified July data from Magida. Will charge July and August in August billing period through Twister.
9/2 - Completed changes in Twister to handle new type of Generic Transactions.
9/16 - Completed new report and sent to Magida and Darlene.
2/10 - Sent Magida email about working on the automation.
7/5 - Meeting with Magida to review status of "automation". Mtg postponed by Darlene until 7/23.
8/28 - Completed DRAFT of technical specs
10/26- Magida and CrashPlanPro had a conf call and they agreed to move forward with an export script. Magida will keep us posted.
1/12 - Magida rec'd SoW for custom API for CrashPlanPro. Chris reviewed and provided feedback.
2/26 - Checked with Magida on status. Project will be delayed due to several new initatives and an upgrade with CrashPlanPro.
5/29 - Peter said sample file would be ready within a week.
Networking/Telecom CM 10/1/2011 1/31/2012 Design process to sync org/dept names in Mysoft and Twister with Penn Community table and also update lastname field in Mysoft to match org.
Dawn,NCCS CM 2/1/2013 Assist NCCS with Auth Code reporting/cleanup 2/1 - Dawn requested report of auth codes and associated usage
2/22 - Provided Dawn with report of auth codes used since 9/1/2012.

Work on Hold

ISC Division Programmer Start Date
Expected Completion Dt Brief Description Comments
TSS CM,DD,KN,MP 1/1/2013 ON HOLD Design, Develop and Implement Automation for TSS billing 2/27 - Kickoff Mtg scheduled
4/1 - Documented and distributed 4 options
4/12 - Mark Aseltine asked the project be put on hold pending Kristin having full staff.
4/15 - Next mtg - Cancelled
Networking CM 3/12/2013 ON HOLD Modify Network Billing Periods 3/12 - Wrote and distributed proposal to billing staff
3/20 - Mtg with billing staff to discuss proposal
3/21 - Spoke with Rox regarding proposal.
3/25 - Monir sent modified proposal to Mike/Gary. Mike approved it. Gary had questions and needed more information that Monir provided.
3/27 - Sent proposal to Rox and asked if the Comptroller's Office would like to meet and discuss this further.
4/4 - Sent Russ Dileo email. 4/5 - Gary put project on hold. 4/29 - Responded to Russ's email and updated him on project status.
Networking/Telecom CM 1/1/2013 ON HOLD Next Generation Billing System 1/18/2013 - Began work on PMAP Project Proposal
1/31/2013 - Mailed Project Proposal to Mike/Gary
2/13/2013 - Mtg with Mike/Dawn/Monir. Project put on hold until July.
Dawn,NCCS CM 1/17/2013 ON HOLD Assist NCCS with Octel reconciliation/cleanup. 1/21 - Sent Cliff list of 44 discrepancies.
2/26 - Heard back on 25. But nothing since. Sent email to Cliff inquiring about status.
3/5 - Mike P requested reports of Octel accounts billing in Mysoft by cnac so Sarah could work on migrating them to Asterisk.
3/21 - Cliff responded that the reconciliation project between what is in Octel and what is actually billing through Mysoft is on the back burner-he's working on ACD now.
5/7 - Dawn requested and was sent a new report of Octel mailboxes, including ones charged to Dept Users.
Networking CM 11/8/2011 ON HOLD Investigate replacing "pobox" references with "zimbra" in email billing records in Twister. 11/8 - Sent Zimbra Support an email to get this started.
11/17- Too many changes needed on the acct mgmt side for this to work right now. Leave Twister data alone per Peggy,John,Matt.
Dawn,NCCS CM,DA,TH 4/2012 ON HOLD White Pages billing: Work with Dawn/Tom to obtain billing info and start charging clients as of July 2012 4/16/2012 - Dawn provided report of phone numbers for which we are getting charged for white pages listings. She requested billing group provide contact and budget code associated with the phone numbers on the list.
5/21/2012 - Chris completed analysis and provided results to Dawn.
5/30/2012 - Dawn indicated she was sending out the notices and she would get back to us with the customers who want to keep this service so we can setup charges in Mysoft.
1/23/2013 - Dawn indicated this project was on HOLD until the end of February.
3/14/2013 - No word from Dawn on this.

Work Not Yet in Progress

ISC Division Brief Description Comments
Networking Work with Chris Cook and investigate the inclusion of Video ports (regular and greek) in Iris.
Telecom Revisit Location issue for phone #'s to possibly include floor. PPS and Mysoft both have the capability to store floor data, but OMS would need to be modified to include this field. Currently the PPS floor field defaults to 1 for ALL numbers.
Telecom Analyze creation of appearance transactions in Mysoft. Without charges, should we still be creating and uploading them?
N&T Analyze and possibly create a datacheck or report to show which phone numbers have duplicated bldg codes in the room fld. 9/24/2012: See emails with Reni
Networking Investigate Using BOX service in place of the LAN for storage of files.
Networking Create new spreadsheet of Outlet Types by Cnac to be included with the monthly stats. Just wireless or all? See net_cnt_by_cnac report and script. 2/1/2010: Requested by Mark Wehrle

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