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Telecommunication Statements

Effective July, 2001, the monthly statements for Telecommunications charges for University departments will be sent via electronic mail. One statement is generated for each unique budget code and is sent to a single email address (email aliases are allowed).

While the ultimate goal is to provide our customers with access to this data via the web, we have decided that an electronic format is preferable to the hardcopy statement that had previously been generated. Our customers will also receive this statement sooner via email. Those who need a hardcopy, can print the statement.

The statement format has been changed and will continue to be modified as we receive feedback from our customers. The format is divided into 3 sections. These sections can be imported individually or as a group into an Excel spreadsheet or into a Word document to then be further manipulated and/or redistributed as necessary.

Tips for viewing/printing statements via email

How to download statements to Excel from email


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