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Desktop as a Service

ISC LAN Technology Services has rolled out a new virtual desktop service (Desktop as a Service) hosted in VMware View 5.1 with Persona Management.  The virtual desktop infrastructure is hosted in the Data Center at 3401 Walnut.  The virtual desktops will run in the VDI environment at the data center where user data and profile will also be stored.

Using DaaS we can integrate View Connection servers in each of the existing client MS domains allowing users to authenticate with their existing AD credentials to access their virtual desktop. With View Persona Management we can preserve user profiles and dynamically synchronize them with a profile repository such as a file server. Persona Management downloads only the files that Windows requires at login, such as user registry files, making logon to a virtual desktop quicker and more efficient.

User profiles stored on the department’s file server hold personal data and settings that users can access from wherever they open their desktops. The same virtual desktop can be accessed from anywhere making access to user desktops available from home and on the road.

Communication between the View Client running on any of the supported clients is tunneled via SSL, which encrypts the data to provide security in transit.  

View Clients

View Clients optimized for VMware View 5.1 are available for Windows, Linux, Mac, iPad and Android. The view clients are availalbe at the VMware view download page

The View Client can be used on a number of devices -

  • Thin clients  -
  • Mobile Users
    • IPhone
    • Android 4.0
    • iPad
  • Repurposed desktops running
    • Windows
    • MacOS

For additional information please send email to magida@isc



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