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Data Rates: Central Service Fee

The Central Service Fee (CSF) provides funding for the Central Infrastructure Bundle through which ISC provides numerous core networking, security, and identity management services to the University community.

Monthly IP charge
$1.56 (plus headcount charge)
$1.56 (plus headcount charge)

In FY'17, the Central Service Fee will cover:

•Campus Backbone Infrastructure
•Internet and Internet2 Access
•Rate Limits on ResNet External
•IPv6, Multicast and Advanced Networking
•Public Wireless Subsidy
•Cap on Billable Wireless IPs
•NAP Operations/Fiber and Cable Management
•NOC Services and Network Management
•Penn's Main Web and Central Pages
•Online Directory and LDAP access
•Classlists and SMTP Mail Relay
•University Calendar Service
•Infrastructure Software Services
•Penn+Box Storage & Collaboration
•Enterprise InCommon Cert Svc
•Network Address Translation (NAT)
•Internet of Things
    •Security/ID Management
    •Kerberos, KITE, RADIUS
    •Penn WebLogin (CoSign and Shibboleth)
    •The InCommon Federation
    •Authorization (Penn Groups)
    •PennNames and Penn Community Services 
    •Wireless Authentication & Support
    •AirPennNet Guest Sponsored Access
    •Vulnerability Scanning
    •Security Tools, Education, and Response
    •PennKey School Support  
    •Intrusion Detection Systems
    •Enhanced AirPennNet Guest Services
    •Safe DNS

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