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PennCloud Compute Service


Welcome to ISC's PennCloud Compute Service. The PennCloud Compute Service is one of many offering in the ISC's PennCloud portfolio of cloud solutions. The PennCloud Compute Service allows faculty and staff to provision their own systems through a web based interface, allowing faculty and staff to get quick access to systems sized appropriately for most usage scenarios with minimal involvement from ISC.

ISC's PennCloud application is totally self-service, which enables faculty and staff to be able to stand up their own servers on demand, on a temporary or The PennCloud service can be used to deploy servers on a temporary or permanent basis. PennCloud provisioned servers reside in our secure Tier II data center with all of the environmentals and robust monitoring processes already in place. To begin using PennCloud Compute please visit our getting started page.


Please note that the Penn Cloud Compute Service is appropriate for use of FERPA data, but it is not yet HIPAA-ready. ISC is currently working towards a HIPAA-ready environment. Please also note that this service will not support PCI compliance, please read the security considerations and appropriate use guidelines before using the service.

Benefits and features


The PennCloud Compute Service can provision CentOS Linux or Windows Server 2008 instances. The servers are available in three different sizes, small medium and large, with more details available here. The delivered instances are managed as part of the enterprise class ISC virtualization service which provides reliability and failover capabilities. Currently this service is appropriate for solutions that need compute services for small development or test servers. Although this is a production service, ISC is still in the process of ramping up its infrastructure to facilitate uptake in support of larger production solutions. We expect to deliver that functionality in future releases.


  • Rapid and simple provisioning and de-provisioning interface
  • Monthly and yearly billing options
  • Flexibility in size
  • Easy inventory management of all your PennCloud servers



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